??Methyl-dien results??

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  1. here's the thing though:

    who care what happens to them?

    its not hurting you is it?

    and if they ask smart questions and postpone use they would be allowed to stay.

    if they get banned from the prohormone/steroid sections, they can get a new username and act properly next time

  2. true, while they're health isn't a major concern to me, it is to the FDA and government and all those guys. any problems ppl have with these drugs will probably be reported in one way or another and help assist the ban. hell, out of 17 million users of ephedra over the course of a decade, it only took about 150 incidents to ban it forever. so, in that way, it concerns me.



  4. it is whole db..
    and thought he age limit on certain forums does have merit, 1st it is not practical to do and 2nd it does make the curiosity issue come up... but at the same time, we at the mod team have noticed the amount of asinine posts and are attempting to take steps to control them.. this is for the benefit of all the members of the board. Offending members take notice, please for your sake I hope you have been listening when you were warned by other members or members of the mod team...

  5. Its nice to see that Bruce did what he said he would for me and my company. So thank you to Bruce.

  6. Can you drink Winny

  7. let me know when the beta is ready please

  8. Banning the under 21 crowd would at least have the appearance that we're taking our own measures to protect the "innocent". But I do understand what you're all saying..it's better to qwell curiosity in a positive manner rather than producing more axeholes by allowing misinformation to be spread (although we can't stop stupidity, just can't)...all in all it's too late in the game to worrying about it.

  9. there is no feasible way to check age over the internet. And to think it would make a difference in law makers eyes is very wishful thinking at best.

  10. i agree, BUT if an individual acts stupid and ADMITS he's under 20....

    two conditions: stupidity and underage.

    You are allowed to break only one but not both.

    my 2 cents

  11. all one would have to do is get a new username...

  12. yeah, and thats fine.

    this time he will act properly

  13. You know what I find quite hilarous is?
    The fact that all this crying about banning underage persons is mainly coming from someone with the screen name "ps24eva". Huuuummmmmm, let me think for a second..... "ps2" wouldnt perhaps stand for "Playstation two" now would it? and the fact that "4eva" stands for "forever" is kinda funny as well. Now let me rephrase this, someone with the screen name "playstation two forever" is complaining about underage members. I think thats pretty weird since most hardcore Videogamers are underage. Maybe your just not the average adult or maybe your a minor with a guilty heart trying to take the crosshairs off your ass before they get a chance to get there. Interesting anyway you look at it.

    This thread has nothing to do with underage posting so unless you want to be fingered out I suggest to drop the ****ing subject and stick to the original topic at hand!


  14. it has nothing to do with ps2.

    and methyl-dien is not even out yet, so i'm just killing time.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by ps24eva
    is there any way to ban anyone who ackowledges that they are under 20 years old?

    at least from the prohormone and steroid sections of the forum.

    this will make AM atleast a notch higher in quality
    Im not under 21 but if you ban all of them, then how are they supposed to learn?

  16. Osmosis?

  17. Quote Originally Posted by vicmack777
    Im not under 21 but if you ban all of them, then how are they supposed to learn?
    They shouldn't read/lean before 21. The temptation to use will be too great.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by MarcusG
    They shouldn't read/lean before 21. The temptation to use will be too great.
    Ok, GOD.
  19. Angry

    you guys are ruining the thread with this age crap. start a new thread if you have to. let's get back to M-dien, please!

  20. Quote Originally Posted by lancelot
    you guys are ruining the thread with this age crap. start a new thread if you have to. let's get back to M-dien, please!

    I agree! Im ready to hear more about M-dien, not childish bickering

  21. Ya I agree we should stay on the topic...this product looks very promising and I am anxious to read the feedback when it starts to come in.

  22. Well it is now in, I will be working on the beta version over the next two days. So I hope to have some news by tomorrow night with pricing etc.. So please do not ask for the price until then, and if you go to the website after tomorrow that is where you will find it.

  23. sledge, when will the website be back up and any word on how the beta version is going...thanks bro

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Sir Foxx
    Can you drink Winny
    NO - but it can be inserted rectally for maximum absorption.

  25. I am going to put the site back up in a few mins. I willjust have to try and time when the new server company will take over. So everyone will have to email me their order after they place it and I will cross check them to make sure everything is working. The betas are ready as of today.


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