Thoughts on CEL X-Tren Cycle

  1. Question Thoughts on CEL X-Tren Cycle

    Okay here are my stats and what not:

    Age:22, 23 in November
    Note: I have an insane metabolism took me 3 years of lifting w/ protein/creatine to get to 170 from my normal weight of 145
    Diet: Always try to get at least 2g protein per lb and usually shoot for 3g per lb. I try to stay 4000 calories min a day and I'm not gunna lie my diets not perfect I do like fastfood now and again and love chinese.
    Supplement Experience:Moderate
    PH Experience: 2 cycles CEL H-Drol (1-4 week and 1-6 week, 1 H-Drol+EQ-Plex stack (4 week)
    Another Note:I do not lift like a body builder I lift solely for a hobby and to kill stress. I do full upper body one day and full lower body the next. I usually workout everyday besides one weekend day. I know many will knock me for this so just ahead of time please don't this is the way I have always done it and the way I like it and it works for me.

    Anyway on to what I actually need some help with. I am going to run a cycle of CEL X-Tren that will look like this:
    week 1-4:90/90/90/90
    whey shakes
    multi vitamin
    (no hawthorne beery or cycle assist unless I feel like I need)
    PCT: week 5-8: Novedex XT 3/2/2/1/1
    HyperTest per label for full 6 weeks
    (Possibly CEL PCT Assist at 4/4/4/4)

    Also on a note I am going to plan on 4 weeks on the Tren but if things are going good and I like the results may bump up to 6 weeks 90/90/90/90/90/90

    So now the questions I'll put the in numerical order to make it easier to note the answers I get.

    1. If I did decide to go 6 weeks on the Tren would that be too long?
    2. If I did go 6 weeks on Tren would it be beneficial to jump last two weeks to 120?
    3. Is it okay to continue my Zinc and Multi Vit. on cycle?
    4. Is it okay to run the HyperTest for 6 weeks without tapering off?
    5. Would it be okay to run HyperTest 8 weeks and taper last 2 down?
    6. Will my PCT be enough with Nov and HT or should I include PCT Assist?
    7. How much water do I need per day?(currently getting about 2 gal)

    Anyway thats kinda what I have on my mind so any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

  2. Oh yeah and I just want to make a note before anyone asks that I will not use a SERM as they cause me worse sides then any PH and seeing as I'm not perscribed they are illegal. Hopefully somebody hits me up with some replies.

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