Anyone Tried IGF-1?

  1. Anyone Tried IGF-1?

    Just read this article and this stuff looks promising... Anyone tried it/have info on it? From my understanding its basically/almost HGH

  2. Post in the male anti-aging section. It's "Insulin-Like Growth Factor"

  3. eat watermelon post workout. it jacks your natural igf-1 levels. and dont be too sick on where to post. just answer the mans question. no, i havent personally used it. but i have ate watermelon post cycle for my natty levels of igf-1. also to go the natty route look into arginine. it does the same deed.

  4. Sorry I wasn't trying to be a **** head. Just saying that he'll get more answers there.

  5. that is true.

  6. Wait so am I wrong in thinking that this is like HGH/ or any other steroid?

    And anyone have any links on this 'watermelon' theory?


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