Cycle Support on-cycle or after?

  1. Cycle Support on-cycle or after?

    Just curious.. How many people use cycle support on-cycle and how many people save it for their PCT.. Every cycle I've run, I've always run it on-cycle, 1 scoop AM/ 1 PM. Im curious because it seems like some people just save it entirely for PCT.

    I'm running mdrol in about a month and since its a harsh compound, I'm thinking I'll take it during my cycle

  2. if i have the money, before, during and after. but mostly PCT

  3. bump.. does it make a difference for someone whos running mdrol vs epi/hdrol?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by nsmoney1 View Post
    bump.. does it make a difference for someone whos running mdrol vs epi/hdrol?
    good question, no it does not

  5. alright thanks man. I might just keep do it to be safe. Ill probably preload it a week prior as well. This is my 4th ph/ds cycle so I gotta make sure i keep myself safe. Thanks for the help

  6. It's never a bad idea to run it on cycle. Some people don't as some of the ingredients may have an effect on the effectiveness of the compound (milk thistle comes to mind) but if safety is the main concern (which it probably should be on mdrol), it probably wouldn't do much in hindering your cycle.

  7. the liver heals itself more effectivly than any organ in the body. liver damage imo is overrated due to this fact. above that, milk thistle hinders absorption of your ph. i run my cycle assist by CEL after my cycle is done during my pct. this cleans out my system and helps my liver in the healing process. my opinion.


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