b5 for acne didn't work for me :(

  1. b5 for acne didn't work for me :(

    I got a bottle of b5 (pantothenic acid). I took 10grams a day for 7-10 days then I maintained @ 4-5grams til the end of the bottle. I think that was for 3 or 4 weeks.

    I doesn't seem to have worked. I know some say it worked for them while others claim it does nothing for them. Does anyone seriously think I should get another bottle and keep taking it. I think I'm going to give up.
    Any advice?


  2. No. Sorry it did not help.
    Try showering more often and use an acne soap. Also try those acne wipes.

  3. I know that any prescription acne medication takes at least 4 weeks to see any improvement whatsoever. I would think that you would need to give it more time to see if it truly works or not. It has been a while since I've read up on B5 for acne, so I can't remember if people have seen results in that short amount of timeframe.

  4. Are you taking it for "on-cycle" acne, or just to get rid of pre-existing? If it is the latter, it could take some time for it to clear up. If you are just trying to prevent acne from a cycle, and it didn't work, then I guess it doesn't work for you.

  5. I find if I keep taking 7-8 grams it works better.

  6. I take 6g/day and have been for 3 months now, i started to notice big improvements after 2 months of continuous use.

  7. I do shower often, and I use one of those acne bads often. I am 2-3 months post cycle. I'll get another bottle and continue it try @ 6-7grams per day.

  8. I took b5 for 9 weeks, no results. I started with 15g/day for a month, dropped to 10g for a few weeks, then 5g. It did absolutely nothing. I have a little pre-existing acne, no change in complexion whatsoever. Most of the time I took b5 was off-cycle. I know some on this board say it worked for them, but I am yet to meet anyone in person who says it did. Its a lot of money to waste on something that "may work" if you take 20 giant capsules a day & stay on it for 2 months.

  9. It helps me. However, I notice results in about 3 weeks, but I never have particularly severe acne. Also, I do not use these HUGE dosages. I use roughly 2-4grams daily.

  10. Buy bulk powder at 1fast400, its 10 bux for 300 grams. I never have had bad acne to begin with, but on cycle, if I don't take the b-5, the acne gets worse.


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