18 year old 50 mg m1t

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  1. He will die!

    Originally posted by axehole
    Today: I lifted with no PH.

    Before today , i had been using creatine and zinc.

    After i got home from school, i recieved my PH's in the mail.
    Just to put up some thanks to bb.com ( i ordered from Higher Power), and their speedy delivery. Always have been that way.

    I took 10mg of M1T, then 600mg of 4ad. Then went to work. Came home, took 10mg more of M1T, and 300mg of 4ad.

    Tommorow (or today now that its 2:00), I will start off taking 20mg in the morning of m1t along with 300mg of 4ad, then 20 mg of m1t and 300mg of 4ad before workout, then 10mg of m1t and 300mg of 4ad in the evening.

    On nonworkout days, it will be the same.

    I will do this for 4-6 weeks, and follow with pct.

    I will be taking no other supplements to make sure all muscle gain is credited towards the ph's.

    Food intake: ALOT 5-6 meals a day.

    250g of protein, taken in small amounts throughout the day

    I dont know how much carbs to take, so if anyone has got a good number... let me know. I never got into carb counting, but with all the bread and pasta and other sugars i will eat and drink on cycle, im sure it will be plenty

    I am already feeling it.. though not at full effect yet....

    I love how he says has no clue how many carbs to take in, but if anyone has a good number, let him know. What a joke.

  2. Wow this guy doesn't even know how much he's eating and says he'll be eating lots of sugar, freakin amazing to me.

  3. He could just be trolling and enjoying all the responses on the boards.

  4. I gained very well on 10mg a day and would never give 50mg a thought..I remember BOBO having trouble with the cramping at 30mg/day and he is twice the size of this kid... WHY do people do this?? Well In four days he will be typing from his bed because his lower back will hurt so much, and as mean as it is to say, I don't feel bad for him at all..

    PS.. How is he already feeling it? It was a day?!?! I never felt anything on M1T, the weights just got easier and easier..
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  5. HAHAH that f'in great D

  6. Thanks NM...You had a great thought...let's play with it

  7. Quote Originally Posted by sawastea
    Thanks NM...You had a great thought...let's play with it

    Damn it! They closed it. Oh well.

  8. thank god

  9. Quote Originally Posted by ke0ki
    thank god
    DAMN, I was going to ride it for another 30min and then delete it...

    I'm just glad the first thread was closed, it was borderline RIDICULOUS

  10. Quote Originally Posted by ke0ki
    thank god
    You don't like sawastea's fun ??

  11. i was actually thankful that they closed axehole's thread. i wonder how many young kids his age he has influenced to also try a 6 week 50mg m1t cycle.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by ke0ki
    i was actually thankful that they closed axehole's thread. i wonder how many young kids his age he has influenced to also try a 6 week 50mg m1t cycle.

    I hope NONE. Just when I think I have seen it all I see a thread like axehole's.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by ke0ki
    i was actually thankful that they closed axehole's thread. i wonder how many young kids his age he has influenced to also try a 6 week 50mg m1t cycle.
    For a moment there I thought you missed the sarcasm in my thread

    I agree with your post...Luckily most of the action was done today so most kids were at school, unless they were skipping Spanish class

  14. Quote Originally Posted by NO MERCY
    I hope NONE. Just when I think I have seen it all I see a thread like axehole's.
    You didn't enjoy my M1T thread last week?

    ...and I thought we had something special

  15. It's not the fact he's 18 that is the big problem with him. It is moreso that:
    1) He shows he's done ZERO research on proper cycling...if he did any research on M1T (hell even if he read the description on it), he'd know 50 MG is more than double the max he should be starting at.
    2) He is nowhere near his natural limit, looking at that kid's pics reminds me of the before pics in ads for some miracle weight loss pill.
    3) Being 18, he opens the floodgates for other kids around his age to do this kinda thing. They'll think "oh yeah, he's doing it, why shoudn't I?"

    Now it would be a completely different story if he did his research and had been anywhere near his natural limit first. But that is definitely not the case here.

  16. Check out axehole's dish on this thread right here at am


    this kids wacked

  17. funny thing is, he's not joking about what he says. he really is that stupid.

    case in point:

    pretty soon, im going to run my own cycle of IM PH's.
    Just gotta get done with the M-1-T and the 4AD i just ordered first.

    What im planning is a 8 week cycle.
    1g 1-test cyp weekly. divided into two doses given biweekly.
    frontloaded at 2g the first week.

    then 4ad orally. 2g per day.
    possibly 30mg M-1-T per day after the first month.

    for pct, 600mg of 6-oxo for 2-3 weeks post cycle , then 3-4 weeks at 300 mg. I might take it during cycle in case 4ad conversion starts aromatizing too much.
    Possible hcg use if i have the money.

    I think the benefits of injecting 4ad is minor.
    4ad converts to testosterone by enxymatic processes which occur in the liver. So either way, orally or IM, the 4AD has got to pass through the liver some time.

    I want to point out the fact that these doses in this cycle are extremely high, and nobody should attempt this cycle without some experience behind them.

    I wont attmept this for another month, but when i do ill be sure to post my progress.

  18. Funny that he's doing all this before joining the Navy where in basic training and his advanced school he won't have the ability to even keep on any mass he makes during this.

  19. He's going to screw up his endocrine system so bad that he will be crying like a baby after the first week or 2, that is, if any of it is true, it would be fun to watch him get weaker while everyone else is getting stronger, I hate to say this but he reaps what he sows

  20. More idiocy:


    now hold on a minute. i think you guys think of posts as a meter of intelligence.

    Of course you learn more the more posts you read, but you truly learn outside of this forum. studying research and books on this topic.

    People treated me like an ignorant bitch when i first joined because i said food, not supplements, is the most important thing in bodybuilding, and people flamed on me.
    Instead of just taking the easy way out and taking our freedom away piece by piece, they should help inform those about the effects of prohormone use and how to make inteligent decisions.

    I aint going to deny that teenagers really dont care about the dangers. They just want to be cool. But instead of making ph use shunned by all, they should help kids make the right choice for them.

    And they should sell pct to anyone, regardless of age.

    This will increase the amount of teenagers who use ph's with pct, so it will increase the safety issue.
    The point isnt to make ph's illegal for teens, its just to inform them that they need pct following that.

    Ill bet you a ton of people who buy ph's never even heard of pct.
    If they did, wont you think theyll at least consider taking pct during a cycle?
    Like PCT is the reason that youngin's shouldn't use PHs.

  21. Yup. This kid is an insult to human intelligence. I'd like to see if he really has the balls to shoot the 1-test cyp. If he's really going into the Navy I'd be much more concerned over developing some cardio endurance over a heavy duty PH/steroid cycle.

  22. I know a 20 year old who ran M1T 40mg/day for 3 weeks with not PCT at all.

    He was thin and got pretty big.. I'd say 10-15lbs gained.

    He lost pretty much all of the weight he said post cycle.. what a waste. but he experienced no visual sides. but the worst side effects yuo can't see

  23. I was always under the impression that you should have built a solid foundation before using AS/PH. That fat ****er has a bird chest and I'll be damned if he's trained more than 3 months. He looks pretty bad for being 186lbs and diving into PHs head first.


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