1. Arrow Gyno!

    I just started a new cycle and had a quick question regarding treatment of gyno. Most of you are quick to recommend Nolva when gyno shows its ugly face, but why don't you ever recommend clomid?

  2. Nolva binds the estrogen receptor in breast tissue better than clomid.

  3. Would clomid be sufficient if I started having signs of gyno, or should I get some nolva too?

  4. Get the nolva. If you started getting gyno, you would not feel like compromise.

  5. What about a pre-existing gyno condition?

  6. This PCT thing has been banged about for quite a while...I have tried many of different soloutions and what I have found that works for me is Nolva 40mg and Clomid
    100mg ED for 7 days.Then Clomid 50mg and Nolva 20mg for the next 2 weeks..I find if I had to pick one I would do Nolva but the Clomid is faster in stimulation my own production....JMO

  7. I do think that some of this has been covered before..

  8. You could try Prevent from Xtreme Formulations for pre-existing gyno. Its a topical with anti-estorgens, vitex, a bunch of stuff. Its supposed to be used for that purpose. I have a bottle, but never tried it. There's probably some info on Avant's board.

    Nolva is the best for gyno symptoms.

  9. What are the most usual signs/symptoms that you are beginning to get "bitch tits"?

  10. puffy, soar nips...or lumps under your nipples

  11. soar nips?
    im unfamiliar with that. how high do they fly?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by canadian champ
    soar nips?
    how high do they fly?
    Everybody wants to be a comedian.

    Nice catch though.


  13. yep i suck at spelling count it hahaha


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