so hwta do u think?

  1. so what do u think?

    i trying to make a cutting cycle from my left it gose.

    1 10 mg M1T+ 7-kto+guugle+ ECA+600mg 4-ad+ MM4
    2 10 mg M1T+ 7-kto+guugle+ ECA+600mg 4-ad+ MM4
    3 50mg winny+ 7-kto+guugle+ NYC+600mg 4-ad+ MM4
    4 50mg winny+ 7-kto+guugle+ NYC+600mg 4-ad+T3
    5 50mg winny+ 7-kto+guugle+ CLEN+600mg 4-ad+T3
    6 50mg winny+ 7-kto+guugle+ CLEN+ 4-ad+T3
    ( i will use 10 mg M5aa on working days and before exams to help me concentarte only......3-4 days a week throughtout the cycle)
    7 20mg nolva
    8 20mg nolva
    9 20mg nolva

    Tabs per day of t-3.....111222333444333222111

    im trying to avoid any inections in this cycle.
    few questions......i used 4-ad as base for this cycle, will it make big difference if i used trandermal test base instead. im lazy to go through syno converstion.

    im kick starting my cycle with M1t. i dont know its good idea or not!!
    is it low dose M1T!? im thinking to run it at 20mg for first 2 weeks!!!

    should i use the winny straight for 6 weeks?

    my status:
    22 years old
    195 lb
    12% bf

    im lifting for 3 years now. i will cutting in this cycle i will do cardio 3 times a week, and lift 3-4 times a week. low carb diet 2500 cals.

  2. u could run the m1t at 20 mg ... also , dont think it matters too much ifu run 4ad or test base transdermal... the conversion numbers must be similar i guess although 4ad is supposed to have benefits even before converting to testosterone ... and yeah , everything else looks good . good luck .

  3. raybravo thanx for the help, do u thinki running the methylated stuff winny/m1t will be ok for the liver? any PCT is good?
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  4. 6 weeks isnt much man , dont worry . and yeah , nolva for 4 weeks should be ok .

  5. Use nolva at 40mg for the first two weeks post cycle.

  6. I think that test base would be better than 4ad for a transdermal.. This is just my gut feeling though w/o putting any thought into it though. Sorry

    I would be concerned about blood pressure with all that stuff, consequently, be watchful and adjust as necessary.


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