Problem with crystalization

  1. Problem with crystalization

    I just made up some cypionate with cottonseed oil, 8% BA and 2% BB. The problem I am having is it is crystallizing. I was not able to filter all of it at once so I sealed it and filtered it a couple of days later but I had to reheat it because it was crystallizing. However, in the beginning when I mixed everything and filtered a little bit of it, it did not crystallize (the final product). The remaining I had to wait a couple of days and I am having trouble with it because it is crystallizing before and ever after it is filtered through a .45 filter. I am wondering that the oil cant hold the substance so it is coming out of the solution, but the first few that I made are fine. If you guys have any explanations on this subject I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

  2. Do you mean 8%BB & 2%BA? 8% BA seems like it would be painful. That might be your problem if you got it backwards.

  3. Here is a little more detail


    In attempting to make 1000ml of Test Cypionate, the following happened.
    When placed into amps, the test started to crystallize out at room temp.
    What could the problem be? Here are the steps used to make the liquid

    1. Clean and sterilize 1x1000ml round bottom volumetric flask, 2x800ml
    beakers, 1x100ml graduated cylinder, 1x1000ml Erlenmeyer filter flask.

    2. Heat approximately 800mls of USP oil, 400ml in each beaker at 250
    for 45minutes then let cool for 20 minutes.

    3. Mix 80mls of BA, and 20mls of BB in the 100ml graduated cylinder

    4. Add the 100ml of BA/BB mixture to one of the beakers containing the

    5. Begin mixing in 250 grams of test cyp and adding additional oil

    6. Pour this mixture into a 1000ml round bottom flask and fill to 1000ml
    line with the remaining oil to make a mixture that contains 250mg/ml
    cyp, 8%BA, and 2%BB. Stored with a sealed cap...

    7. Filter through a 0.45micron filter into the 1000ml Erlenmeyer and
    distribute to 10ml amps.

    Between steps 6 and 7, some time elapsed(a few days) because the filtering
    process takes a while. Meaning that some was filtered and distributed
    and then a few days later more was done. One problem that crossed my
    mind is that the oil should have been allowed to come all the way back
    to room temperature before filling the volumetric flask up to the 1000ml
    mark. Thinking that the heated oil expands and that there may not be
    enough oil to hold all of that cyp in solution. Meaning that the test
    is overdosed and the oil is unable to keep it all in solution so it is
    crystallizing out.

    One solution that hasn?t been tried yet is to heat all of the cyp back
    up to dissolve the crystals, put it all back into the 1000ml volumetric
    when cooled and add more oil. Any suggestions or solutions would be
    greatly appreciated!!!!

  4. still need to add more BB.. I would suggest starting at 10%

  5. thanks man

  6. BTW Matthew, do you mean 10% BB in addition to the 8% BA

  7. that's a LOT of BA.... i try never to go over 5% myself.

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  8. Yes 10% BB on top of the BA

  9. thanks bro

  10. hate to monkey **** a liter of cyp.

    With ANY cypionate it is advisable to add at least 10% BB.

    IMO, 8% BA is way too much and will make for more painful injections than needed.


  11. i know man, i am close to jumping off a bridge with cement shoes on. I just hope i can fix this problem. I read on another board that a guy is having trouble with fina crystalizing on him, i hope the extra BB will do the trick

  12. Chemo, why is that with the 10% of BB to cyp. I am also going to be making SUS 250 at 1000cc's, do you have any suggestions on the BA and BB ration, thanks bro

  13. Ouch!


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