at what point do you react to gyno symptoms

  1. at what point do you react to gyno symptoms

    how do you diagnose gyno and at what point do you start to treat it?

    I would only have access to aromatase inhibitors so I would be more reluctant to just use one than if it was novla.

  2. There are a ton of threads on this board for gyno symptoms, just do a search. As for when to treat it? When one experiences any symptoms...right away! And, Nolva is the only ancillary that I would trust.

  3. yeah I know, sore nipples and a lump under the nip, but do you freak out as soon as your nips feel a little tender or do you wait until it's undeniably uncomfortable, is there a good test to determine what is regular soreness and what is gyno soreness?

  4. Well that is the judgement call to me.. sometimes you just get sore nipples.. but if it continues for a while, I would do the nolva.. but I know what you mean about wondering what to do.. I think all of us have had that happen during a cycle and that thought you get "Oh damn am I growing tits" just relax stop testing the nips because you will make them sore for sure...

  5. Winter time (cold weather) makes my nipples feel like they're being pinched and makes them very sensitive. This became more pronounced during cycle; I suppose it was because of the muscle pushing out or my skin stretching... Anyway, I stuck it out and I'm now starting my PCT with Nolva and 6OXO. So I agree with Matthew D.



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