Methyl 1-D as Stand alone. Good Results!

  1. Methyl 1-D as Stand alone. Good Results!

    Age: 22
    Starting Weight: 158
    BF: Under 12%
    I started a 5-week cycle of LG Sciences Methyl 1-D and would like to share my results.

    Dosage: 4 pills a day total, twice daily. 4/4/4/4/4
    Ending weight: 164
    BF: Easily under 10% (Abs like woa)

    So I have the recommended Formadrol Extreme XL. Most likely I will dose at 4/2/1. From the threads I heard PCT isnít as necessary/critical for such a mild PH like Methyl 1-d. In addition I will take Tribulus to play it safe. Any suggestions? Tips/advice about the 3 week PCT?

    Week 1:
    Physical strength or increased size unnoticeable.
    Mental eagerness to hit it hard, off the charts.
    Incline Bench Press: 145 12X5
    Flat Bench Press: 160 12X5
    Decline Bench Press 165 12X5
    Squats: 185 18X5
    Bicep Curls (one handed) 30 8X5

    Week 3:
    Physical strength improving, noticeable gains.
    Mental eagerness to hit it hard, off the charts.
    Incline Bench Press: 160 12X5
    Flat Bench Press: 175 12X5
    Decline Bench Press 175 12X5
    Squats: 205 18X5
    Bicep Curls (one handed) 32.5 12X5

    End of cycle, week 5: (I take my last dose this afternoon)
    Incline Bench Press: 175 12X5
    Flat Bench Press: 185 12X5
    Decline Bench Press 205 12X5
    Squats: 245 15X5
    Bicep Curls (one handed) 37.5 8X5

  2. Input about PCT welcome. Does this plan sound alright?

  3. Just follow the directions on the bottle. I would personally buy Nitro T3 or something similar. The Methyl 1-D is not that strong of a product so you don't have to much to worry about. Always be on the safe side. Decent results btw.

  4. it looks solid, though you may want to run the pct four weeks and run the formadrol in a 4/3/2/1 dosing schedule. Trib would be a good edition for libido if you've lost it. Glad you had success.

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