Test / Tren Gyno Checklist - Pre cycle

  1. Test / Tren Gyno Checklist - Pre cycle

    Im prone to gyno. I have evidence behind my nipples if you care to question me.


    b6 100mg - 200mg ED
    Caber 500mg E3D
    Letro 1mg E3D or .3mg ED

    I have a lot of I3C.

    Cycle is 10 weeks.
    1-10T-Prop 200mg EOD
    1-10Tren-A 75mg EOD
    4-10Anavar 100mg ED (I will ramp up the dosage)

    Anything else to put into consideration?

  2. i would suggest adding HCG in there. looks like a kick-a$$ cycle

  3. HCG will be ordered shortly. Been a real pain finding a source who has HCG...without all the FEES! Gonna run 500iu x2 EW

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