advice needed noticing mild sides from Hdrol

  1. advice needed noticing mild sides from Hdrol

    I'm running my first cycle of H-drol and have run into a couple issues. First heres the background.

    35 years old training for 21 and competed for the last 13.
    height 5'6" current weight 193
    diet is clean generally eat the same thing every day. Wont bother with macros just to save time but sufficed to say the diet is good. approximately 3500-4000 caries/day 40/30/30 approximate breakdown.

    Started cycle assist 1 week prior to H-drol to load Hawthorne Berry.
    Also started OVT training at the same time. Starting weight 183 lbs.

    Week 1 of Hdrol 50mg/day split 12 hours apart. 4am and 4pm. Cycle assist 8 am and 8pm. Had no issues to report except that I had a headache prior to starting the cycle which was due to allergies. Unfortunately the weather in Massachusetts has been less than desireable and contibuted to the allergies. Headache was off and on throughout the week. BP was monitored to rule out possible cause of headache. BP was always within my norm approximately 110/60.

    Week 2 of H drol 75 mg/day split up 8 hours apart. 4am, 12p, and 8pm. Cycle assist at 8am and 4pm. Noticed a "rush feeling" about 20 minutes after taking H-drol which subsided within the hour. BP went up to approximately 130/80 however upon taking cycle assist BP returned to normal range 110/60. Also experienced blurred vision like cotton in my left eye which I'm pretty sure had to do with the BP spike after the h-drol also strange sensation in chest like a burn running through vascular network (not in nipple but in chest muscle). Light headache through sinus cavity as well but nothing unmanageable (I used to get migraines regularly)

    I'm on day 3 of week two in cycle. I know users don't normally see results until end of week 2 beginning of week 3 but even if it was a placebo effect the way I have felt the last 10 days along with strength increases and overall size increase (10 lbs lean and noticeable by my peers) leave me believing maybe I just reacted a little quicker than normal. Anyway I read that adding additional celery seed extract will help with the BP. If so can this be dosed with the h-drol to immediately combat the BP spike? If so what dose?

    I was planning on a 6 week cycle but unless these symptoms get under control it will be cut to 4 or less. In which case PCT will begin even though only on it for a short period. Thanks.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by ironmanc74 View Post
    Anyway I read that adding additional celery seed extract will help with the BP. If so can this be dosed with the h-drol to immediately combat the BP spike? If so what dose?
    Taking 75-150mg with your h-drol should help. I'd start with 75mg with each dose of h-drol then add more if necessary.

    Chest pain and blurred vision are some serious sides, man. High bp can be really damaging to your body, so if the sides don't subside, imho, you should end the cycle immediately. Good luck bro.

  3. Its not actual chest pain just a warm burn sensation that mostly occurs around activity that I would use my shoulders/chest such as driving. I'm going to drop the hdrol dose back to 50mg/day. I didnt have these issues on that dose considering I had a 12 hour break between doses and the cycle assist was the last supp I took each day. I'll be picking up some celery seed extract tomorrow and hopefully all returns to "normal". Otherwise its PCT right away. Thanks again.

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