Original Halodrol-50?

  1. Original Halodrol-50?

    Does anyone know the expiration date on the last batch of original Halodrol-50 that was made?

    Reason I'm asking: i was going to buy some original halodrol-50, but it is just the tabs in the foil wrap. It is not in the the original box. I'm not sure, but I'm guessing that the foil wrap does not have the expiration date on it.

    I looked online to price it, and I found original Halodrol-50 on ebay for 200$ that expires in 2/08. That's 1.5yrs after expiration. I expect it to be good after expiration date, but does anyone really know the long term stability of this compound? Reference?

    thanks in advance

  2. unless your buying them for 30-40 bucks there is no reason to do this....

  3. 200$ **** that

    the original should be better cuz they spiked it with Pheraplex... But you can make your own Hdrol/Phera stack and it will be much better.
    i'm with mooch on halodrol, i couldn't even notice 50mg so the compound really isn't worth my time

  4. just use h-drol if thats what you want to run, no reason paying almost 10 times as much for a bottle

  5. Just get CEL hdrol and call it a day they make awsome products they wont let you down.



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