nolva dose

  1. nolva dose

    20 squirts of Lions nolva = 40mg? right?

  2. i remember reading that in here somewhere. but i dont know the answer to your question because i use the oral syringe. easier in my opinion and you can be sure you are getting the exact amount you need.

  3. i didnt get a syringe with my nolva

  4. walgreens or walmart sell them for a couple of bucks

  5. You have to use a syringe. You couldn't spray it.

  6. one more question. is this good pct
    40 mg week 1
    20 mg week 2
    20 mg week 3

    i know im being cheap here but im trying to make my 50 ml bottle last for 2 cycles

  7. What kind of cycle are you running?

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
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  8. 1-t pro for 4 and half weeks....

    my other cycle will be 6 weeks using different androgens including that enough for 2 cycle?

  9. After a 4 weeker I'd run my pct like this:

    Week 1-2: 40mg ed
    Week 3-4: 20mg ed


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