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  1. drug test

    does anyone know how long test base and tren canbe found in a drug test? i'm sure on the net there is many sites that will say how long they can be found if i searched. i'm just afraid i'll find incorrect info from many of those sites. does anyone know for sure or of a reputable place to see how long certain chems stay in your system?

    thx guys

  2. Just to also add to this question is this does any aas show up in a simple pee test?I know most of the time pee test only look for 5 main chemicals, however, will the test also show up positive for aas?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by thewarrior
    Just to also add to this question is this does any aas show up in a simple pee test?I know most of the time pee test only look for 5 main chemicals, however, will the test also show up positive for aas?
    Not a chance.

  4. most places only test for the "basics"
    the chances of AAS being tested without you knowing is very slim to none
    they would need a reason to test in the first place....so no reason....no test
    push comes to shove say it was "cell-tech" i mean wow show them a ad..... a user gained 12 pounds of lean mass in like 8 weeks thats like near juice stuff there..........okay sorry cell tech is crap i know but a guy at bodybuilding.com was gonna show his family and friends a celltech ad to cover up his AAS use for his first cycle if anyone asked him about it
    my .02
    young humour with poor spelling u gotta love it

  5. This May Help:

    Pass Steroid Drug Test
    Passing Steroid Drug Tests

    Is it possible to pass steroid drug testing? Yes, it is indeed possible to pass a steroid drug test, according to several reports by noted steroid experts and sports analysis. The essence of how to pass a steroid drug test revolves around management of anabolic steroid metabolites. Steroid metabolites may be managed by way of cycling the steroid stack with a selected use of certain anabolic steroids with short half-lives, meaning their duration in the body is extremely short. Additionally, the choice of anabolic steroids also gravitates towards using undetectable steroids to pass a steroid drug test. In this article, we will discuss various methods that have been openly discussed in public forum by athletes who pass steroid drug tests. Caveat: While reportedly in wide use to pass a steroid drug test, no independent controlled studies have been conducted to replicate these theories, and thus are anecdotal.
    Steroid Drug Test

    A steroid drug test is either done via urinalysis (a.k.a. urine drug test) or by collecting a blood sample for in depth analysis. An oral drug test is not ideal for steroid drug testing due to poor secretion of metabolites by sebaceous glands. Likewise, there are no instant home drug test kits that determine whether or not someone passed a steroid drug test. So, whether it is a urine drug test or a blood drug test, the laboratory must use sophisticated drug testing analysis to detect steroid metabolites. Some advanced drug test labs forgo the notion of dealing with a broad spectrum of anabolic steroid metabolites and simply test a person's epitestosterone to testosterone ratio. In basic terms, epitestosterone is a direct indication of how much testosterone is flowing through the body. A ratio of 6 to 1 is considered normal. When someone begins to use steroids, their testosterone levels raise dramatically, and epitestosterone follows suit. But, on the elite athletic level of sport, some athletes are reportedly injecting epitestosterone to foil the test or resorting to other more extreme measures to alter their blood chemistry for athletic success. For the majority, the problem is there are well over a dozen anabolic steroids in common use today, the most popular being among the following steroid drugs to name a few.

    * Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate)
    * Testosterone Enanthate
    * Testosterone Cypionate
    * Testosterone Suspension
    * Anadrol
    * Dianabol
    * Primobolan
    * Sustenon (or Sostenon)
    * Trenbolone
    * Winstrol
    * Sten
    * Equipoise
    * Halotestin
    * Laurabolin
    * Anavar

    Drug Testing for Steroids

    As one can see, there are a myriad of anabolic steroids that any one person (or athlete more likely) can be on at one time. In fact, taking multiple steroids at once is a common and effective practice for increasing muscle mass, strength, and metabolism, also known as "stacking." Steroids are nothing more than a synthetic version of testosterone. Each steroid has its own ratio of anabolic and androgenic properties. The de facto reason Deca Durabolin was designed was create a steroid drug without the unwanted androgenic elements of its harsh testosterone counterparts. With several variations on the theme, each with their own molecule, its not a stretch to estimate the daunting task of testing a urine sample for every single one in a GC/MS drug test. And, drug testing for steroids is very expensive. As an analogy, imagine if there were over a dozen different THC metabolites, and one can see why.
    Passing a Steroid Drug Test

    On top of having several anabolic steroid metabolites to test for--some of which, such as trenbolone, are not tested for--a drug test must also consider the issue of educated athletes, which is a kind term for educated drug users who know how to pass a steroid drug test. How do they do it? Simple. They avoid long lasting steroids in favor for orals, such as Anadrol, Anavar or Dianabol, which are usually in and out of the body completely within 24 hours. Then, by adding in the use of quick acting injectables, such as testosterone suspension (a water-based steroid) used daily with a half-life of a day, they've conceived a highly effective anabolic steroid stack without risk of failing a steroid drug test. If the drug test is not pre-announced, and most are, then there is a chance they may not have a prayer to pass a steroid drug test. Once steroids are in ones system, there aren't many alternatives available for internal consumption to speed the drug detox or mask the metabolites.
    Pass Steroid Drug Test Info

    For a person to pass a steroid drug test, they reportedly must either cease steroid use for up to two weeks prior to the drug test; use designer drug steroid preparations that are not tested for; use other hormones such as growth hormone; or use a carefully designed stack of fast acting steroids. Of course, the only tried and true method to pass a steroid drug test is abstinence. If a person is taking steroids, then it is a probable hypothesis that the average steroid user will have difficulty passing a steroid drug test, but then again, few businesses drug test for steroids. Thus, having to pass a steroid drug test is not a concern.

    Steroid Drug Testing
    September 2, 2002

    Anabolic Steroids: The myths, reality, and issue of steroid drug testing in sports.
    Drug Testing and Anabolic Steroids

    With all of the brouhaha between baseball and anabolic steroid drug testing as of late, we thought it'd be prudent to delve further into the reality and myths of anabolic steroids and drug testing. Anabolic steroids are perhaps more shrouded in mystique, hype, and outright propaganda than even drug testing.

    Drug testing and anabolic steroids are two phrases most employers, employees and the rest of the drug tested public will not be concerned with. Before we get into the combination of steroid drug testing, lets delve into anabolic steroids a bit.


    As humans, we all produce various levels of testosterone, a vital hormone to ones endocrine system. Testosterone governs many internal functions that play out into the real world (i.e. what we can see and feel), such as regulating metabolism, erectile and conception functionality, sense of well being, and plays a pivotal role in protein synthesis. This last role is the kicker why people from elder men on hormone replacement therapy (a more kind buzzword than "juicing") or especially in athlete circles. Protein synthesis equals muscle growth. While this discussion could go deep into self-indulgent endocrinology, suffice it to say, more testosterone equals more muscle growth. Bigger, stronger, leaner and faster. Steroids do all of this and more when combined with a weight-training routine and a high protein, high calorie diet.

    Anabolic Steroids

    Anabolic steroids come in three main delivery forms: Intramuscular injection, oral (pills), or transdermal. No, steroids are not for "mainlining," or injecting directly into the vein. This is a marked fallacy not to mention a deadly practice. For athletes, injectable and oral anabolic steroids are choice route. For men supplementing their age-induced decline in the hormonal cascade, steroids are delivered in less intrusive and painless methods directly on the skin. Anabolic steroid patches were once the only delivery devices for these folks, but now Androgel has closed in on the HRT market. Androgel has a nice, steady flux of hormone through the dermal layers of the skin whereas the patch must be placed in an area with thin skin (scalp, scrotum, etc), and was more hassle than benefit. By injecting anabolic steroids, the body will receive a massive spike in testosterone levels, and gradually taper down its way down over the course of a week depending upon the anabolic steroid drug. Yes, there are several. Oral anabolic steroids, on the other hand, require daily use, and can be liver toxic at high doses, which can indeed be a serious problem due to the anabolic steroid being passed through the liver for metabolism, also known as the "first pass." Long-term effects of anabolic steroids on the human body can be very serious (even deadly), but all of this data seems to be dose and genetic-related. In other words, there is no clear-cut mathematical formula, but one side effect that is very clear is anabolic steroid's negative effect on the cardiovascular system. After years of anabolic steroid abuse, the heart or a stroke is usually the first thing to go, not to mention embarrassing sexual issues from breast growth (gynecomastia) to balding to impotence. Short term side effects of anabolic steroid use lean on the side of high blood pressure, testicular atrophy, edema (water retention), and an imbalance of estrogen-to-testosterone ratio after one goes off a cycle of anabolic steroids.

    Anabolic steroid side effects listed here and elsewhere typically are found in athletes who abuse them by taking extremely high amounts over a long period of time while stacking the drug with other hormones and anabolic steroids. When someone christens modern day athletics as "chemical warfare," they aren't exaggerating. For the average Joe using anabolic steroids to improve health, sense of well being, and sexual performance, side effects, at least from what we have seen, are rare if not non-existent. This is thanks in part to anabolic steroids being prescribed by medical doctors who aren't exactly the bastion of expertise when it comes to the drug, but know enough to keep their patient healthy. For example, 200mg per week of anabolic steroids is a very liberal dose for HRT patients. But, for illustrative purposes, elite athletes have openly taken upwards of fifteen times this amount on top of other hormones and performance enhancing drugs. Needless to say, this is a dangerous practice with numerous implications, but is of course their choice to do even though they are breaking the law. Surprisingly, anabolic steroids are a scheduled narcotic, Class-III, putting it in the disturbing company of cocaine despite showing no addictive or narcotic-like properties. Still, this is the law for the time being, and those who break it may face up to six months in prison for simple possession--a felony. Pundits will argue that having a sex change procedure wherein a man ingests a boatload of female hormones to induce a "female" state of physical appearance and metabolism is a legal, welcomed ordeal and unfair, but their arguments have fallen on deaf ears. In the future, the legalization of anabolic steroids may come to fruition once modern medicine, and the press especially realize their benefit to treating HIV, Multiple Sclerosis, cancer and other wasting diseases.

    Drug Testing for Steroids

    Steroid drug tests are costly. Very. Anabolic steroid drug testing procedures are intrusive to the ‘nth degree when it comes to providing a blood sample. But, the steroid drug testing problem goes beyond economics, ethics or fear of needles. Instead, steroid drug tests, by nature, are easy to foil by simply timing the steroid cycle appropriately. The half-life of anabolic steroids can vary from one day to a week, and genetics also play a strong role, because some folks have naturally high-normal testosterone levels. Steroid drug testing usually involves a urinalysis to detect well over a dozen anabolic steroid metabolites, although growth hormone, thyroid, insulin, EPO, and other hormones cannot be tested for whatsoever. As one can see, this is a costly and almost dead end of sorts to drug testing for steroids. However, a random drug test may end up with the user testing positive, because once they're "on", there isn't much they can do. The steroids are there to stay. Blood drug tests that test for anabolic steroids go a bit deeper into the analysis realm.

    Most employers, if not the greater majority, do not nor will ever test for anabolic steroids. Usually just athletic organizations do, much to the chagrin of their senior management and stockholders. Point of fact: Many a race, homerun, touchdown, goal, and other feats of amazing athletic ability were achieved thanks in part to incredible genetics, an intense training routine, years of devotion, discipline, and anabolic steroids that raise the stakes even higher. More and more homeruns are being slammed out of the park. Are the pitchers throwing worse en masse, or are the sluggers getting stronger? Football's notoriously vicious linemen are now weighing in at a muscular 300 pounds across the board. Wrestlers are growing bigger by the week, and Olympic runners are performing jaw dropping numbers.

    Better training? Better diet? Better gene pool? Think about it.

    For fans and sports lovers paying their hard earned money on Sunday to check out the game and have a good time, they want to see some awesome action. For the athletes on the field providing the entertainment with the shining lure of a million dollar endorsement contract? Some choices go beyond the obvious and into the pre-requisite.

    From http://www.bdtzone.com/pass_steroid_drug_test.asp


    remember certain organizations test for drugs such as Clomid and Nolva, etc as well which are illegal for competing atheletes.

  6. nice db, thx

  7. WTF? db coming out of the woodwork with some good ****???

    Nice post...


  8. Sorry to disappoint you Chemo. But dont worry bro, my knowledge only comes in spurts. This is only a temporary side effect to the overwhelming and ridiculously annoying M1T posts that dont seem to end.

    Ill play dumb again.


  9. Big Bump DB, that may come in handy for some.

  10. I wanted to say thank you DB that was a great post. I feel a lot better about the coming drug tests. Let em test me now.

  11. I have not done a search yet, but what are some of the better short ester AAS that one could use?

  12. Test Prop.

  13. What other than Test Prop., What other AAS can be used Deca, Tren, EQ? Thanks

  14. tren - winny - prop..... this stack is one bad motherhugger mayn.
    Myself and everyone i know has made solid gains off these short ester compounds.

  15. Deca will stay in you forever man.

  16. know breaking rule here
    but sorry
    like to say nice post

  17. Great info! I also have a few questions mabye some of you could answer. I am faced with a random drug screening with hair through my employer. This is supposed to be cutting
    edge stuff so is detection easier with this method?
    #2 If I read correctly the above article said that there was no test available for Tren.If so I would be good to go, right? Thanks for the info! Goodday!

  18. Oh, one more question. Will Clomid,Nolva show up on a normal hair test like pot and coke?

  19. First off unless your employer is actually testing for AAS's then I doubt that they will even have any clue whatsoever that your pinning. These are the standard drugs that are tested for with hair testing: Cocaine (including crack), marijuana, opiates (including heroin), amphetamines (both methamphetamine and Ecstasy), and phencyclidine (PCP).

    If your employer has reason to test for other drugs then they can certainly be found. It all depends on your employer and your line of work. If your testing for the olympics then yes they will definitly find tren, clomid and nolva but thats a very expensive testing cost that most employers dont want to have to pay so they typically go for the drugs that may effect the workers work habits and have a damaging end result for the business. I get drug tested once a year for the companies insurance policy to cover me in order to be able to receive my benefits and Ive never been tested for anything but the standard street drugs.

    If your still worried heres a chart with detection times.


  20. there always test suspension..lol

  21. Looking at that chart, why does tren acetate have such long detection times(5 months) for such a short ester?

  22. its a nor derivative

  23. Quote Originally Posted by wojo
    its a nor derivative
    Meaning what? Does it have weird re-esterification properties like deca?

  24. meaning it stays in ur system longer


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