Cycle Coach... Lame or interesting idea?

  1. Cycle Coach... Lame or interesting idea?

    What's up guys? Alright I have a feeling I might get ridiculed for this idea, but I had to put it out there to see if there was intrest.

    Every professional athlete has a coach. No one person has all the answers and sometimes when you are the one directly involved with something it helps to have a second set of eyes to help guide you. In essence every person that posts a response to somebody's question on here is a coach in one way or another. I was thinking that it would be cool to have one person that you trust (I can think of a few of the vets on here that consistantly post good advice) who would be your coach from pre-cycle to post. You could fill them in on all your info/stats/goals/diet/training ect. And they would help guide you through your cycle. If you had specific questions about sides, or changing doseing, or diet, ect. they would be best to help you since they have been tracking and posting along with you in a log.

    Who knows, maybe after a while you would start to see which coaches where producing the best gains or helping their people do proper pct to maintain gains, help their people meet their goals, ect.

    Just a thought. I know it's a big commintment on both ends but it might be cool to watch and take part in. Any thoughts appreciated.

  2. definitely a cool idea, but like u said, its a big committment ...and especially since its over the internet with someone uve never met and dont really know much about.

    the main reason i see this failing is because....this seciton of the board is allllll about cycling various AAS, and as a board, noobies and others can all get a wide range of help and ideas. AAS is not for everyone, and EVERYONE reacts differently to different compounds...

    edit: i would consider myself a vet of THIS steroid section and THIS board, but considering ive only used a few compounds i truely have no right to advise on the AAS i have not used.

    ...but i will indeed try my best to help out others

  3. For sure! It would be terrible to invest in somebody only to have them flake and not follow through! It would be tough to find a way to match with somebody that you felt could and would either help you or take advice from you. It would have to be somebody in good standing with decent posts. Maybe something like a casting or application process. Haha. This seems too difficult to do over the Internet, but the problem is that people don't feel comfortable discussing anabolics in the real world and for instance I don't even talk about this stuff off the Internet.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by caliphotog View Post
    people don't feel comfortable discussing anabolics in the real world and for instance I don't even talk about this stuff off the Internet.
    that is for sure. only 1 close friend (who uses) and my gf know about my use.

    but like i said before, vet or not, everyone on here is to learn and eventually teach. ppl asking for help can hopefully figure out the "bad apples".

    i for one would feel much better and reassured to have 10 ppl say the same thing (maybe minor differences) than go by what just ONE person says

  5. As long as all 10 people where familiar with my sistuation, so would I. Good point!

  6. Thats a pretty intense idea. but pretty wicked all the same. you would definatly get the most out of your PH's or AAS. which, isnt taht what everyone wants. Now, this is a great idea but if you really think about it, this has been around since the 70's. Arnold and all those bodybuilders have cycle coaches. Shady doctors to supplement their roids and PCT's, nutrition coaches, ect, ect. I still think Jay Cutler and all that still have that same concept.

  7. I'm sure that the pro's have special people that inform them of the route they should go, and I would hope they monitor them as well.

  8. For sure. I like the idea. probably good money in it if you had the right cliental too haha. it would be pretty bad ass and easy to have someone there to tell you when, what and how much to take and watch the slabs of meet fall into place!


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