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Epi Pulse at 40mg -> 20/20 or 30/10??

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    Epi Pulse at 40mg -> 20/20 or 30/10??

    Searched it and can't find an answer.

    Should I split the doses 20/20 or 30/10 for Pre/Post?

    Thanks in advance for your uber advice and awesome insight!!!

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    10 in the morning...30 preworkout
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    For pulse cycle, I think pre/postworkout dosing is the best.

    A friend of mine did 8 weeks pulse cycle of epidrol. He did many trial & error with the pulse cycle dosing. He has tried :
    -10mg pre/10mg post
    -10mg pre/20mg post
    -20mg pre/10mg post
    -20mg pre/20mg post
    -30mg pre/10mg post
    -10mg pre/30mg post
    but found that 20mg 1 hour pre-workout and 20mg post-workout gave him best results. Then he stick with 20mg pre/20mg post for the whole cycle.

    I think you could use 20mg pre / 20mg post-workout for best results.
    But everybody is different bro, people react differently just listen to your body which one is best.

    Hope it helps...

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