looking to grow a little taller!!! Please Help

  1. Cool looking to grow a little taller!!! Please Help

    Jay Edit: You're too young to be posting in the anabolics section. if you have a problem with your height then speak with your parents about talking with a doctor who can discuss with you, your options.

  2. dude u serious? I take it your wanting info on hgh?

  3. At 16, Im guessing you have 2 more years to grow without using drugs.
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  4. he has about 6-8 more years of growing. men usually stop growing around 22-24. all u young kids rushing....

  5. jeez-o
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  6. Take this thing that was invented a long time ago. It will work with great effects and little to no sides.

    Patience my buddy was always shorter than me growing up and between senior year of high school and end of first year of college he grew like 8 or 9 inches. At 16 there is a very good chance your going to grow both up and out in the next couple years and do it NATURALLY. I know it sounds amazing but it can happen with out any supps or drugs.

  7. I'd recoment HGH under the care and supervision of a Doctor. There are doctors that specialize in this, first u need 2 get an exray 2 see if ur bone growht plates have closed. I'm 5'5 stoped growing at 15, but both of my parents are short. I wish I would have done this for another inch or two, but then again this is how god made me.
  8. jim623
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    Dude, I'm 44 years old and 5'- 7", you'll get use to it.

  9. The old Skee-lo song "I wish" keeps popping in my head now....

    http : // www . youtube. com /watch?v=J58L_bEdqS8

  10. The old Skee-lo song "I wish" keeps popping in my head now....

    http : // www . youtube. com /watch?v=J58L_bEdqS8

  11. Calculate your predicted height based on your parents heights, (this can be done online) if you truly have a genuine reason to need to grow taller it is possible via hormonal manipulation- but honestly if you are mature and sensible enough to treat yourself in such a way you will be mature enough to find out this info on your own.

  12. Your growth plates arnt even near closed yet. youll still grow. wait till youre 20 than if youre still not liking your height use hgh. if you use now youre going to F up your growth plates than youll be at the height youre at now for good. if you use it at 20 you can catch right when your growth plates are thinking about closing and get some height out of it without hurting yourself.

  13. Be born to taller parents.

    Sorry man, but your options are pretty limited. Some folks grow till their 20+, some stop growing in their teens...everyone's different. So, there's still hope for you. Could squeeze out another inch or two.

    I was pretty much done growing by 16 though. Might have eeked out 1 more inch.

  14. Drink milk!

  15. use every kind of PH. hdrol,mdrol,phex,and some milk. youll grow about 2 feet off that stack... come on really? your 16 and STILL growing NATURALLY! you dont need ANYTHING

  16. u can get limb lengthening surgery

  17. Quote Originally Posted by bigpapa View Post
    u can get limb lengthening surgery
    YouTube - Excruciating lengths to reach 'perfection' - 20 Apr 2008


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