not sure what to do...

  1. not sure what to do...

    So, I finished up my h-drol cycle awhile ago and had really good response to it. Only lost 3lbs in PCT, and lost about 2% of BF but the back pumps where killing me.

    ----Cliffs on h-drol cycle-----
    -Highest dosage 125 last 5 days
    -Reversitol/Activate Xtreme PCT (blood work in a few weeks)
    -Gained 9lbs lost BF

    Now for my next cycle I'm stuck between epistane solo or a epi/tren combo? Looking to just add a few more lbs to get to where I want to be. I still have some nolva on hand from my h-drol that I decided not to use. Any suggestions?
    Stats: 6'2" 214-218 lbs 10-12%bf

  2. run superdrol and phera-plex if you want sick gains over the counter

  3. personally, i'd run the epi/tren....epi is slightly less powerful as h-drol and tren is definately more powerful than the superdrol or phera for another cycle

  4. Whats the cut off on how long you can run tren for? I was thinking 4 weeks of tren and 6 of epi...


    Tren: Not to sure on the dosage... but
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