1. Exclamation Havoc!

    Im starting a cycle of Havoc. For my PCT I have post cycle support by AI and was hoping that is enough of a PCT. What do you think, do I need a SERM or should I just go with PCS by AI?

  2. Serm, that is not a proper PCT

  3. it is completely up to you....to serm or not to serm is a personal choice....imo you can probably get away with it with epi and hdrol....depending on cycle length and dose.....why dont you do a search and look at what other people have done....this question has been beaten to death and you answer is out there a thousand times over

    edit: here i did it for you....very easy


  4. Post cycle support doesn't have an AI to control estrogen rebound, it's more just a test booster.. I wouldn't use it stand alone.

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