I need to make an announcement....17aOHN

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by x_muscle
    im not telling him to scam people. im just trying to help him to figure out other usage of the product. cyclo PHs work great.
    Oh yeah, I wasn't saying that you were implying that.....I was referring to his supplier that seems to have ripped custom off.

  2. Tell them that you have informed 10 supplement suppliers in the US who they are and what kind of product they make, it may help. I know i went nuts on my Chem House when the first sample of m4OHN I got was just Methyl-nandrolone. Thank god he is a normal business man, asked to have it shipped back and replaced it.

  3. Well, here is an update. After exchanging some more emails, The manufacturer said that there are many synonyms for the substance, and they thought we were on the same page (even though I always ask by the exact chemical name). He said since the product has been mixed with a few hundred pounds of filler, there is no way he could take it back. He did offer me some sort of large discount if I order from him in the future, but I think I'll just go with my other place that I have been working with much longer and have a much better relationship with. The only reason I did not get the 17a-OHN from him is because they would have to custom synthesize it, and he said he could not gaurentee how long it would take to get a pure product, or a reasonable price.

    So, I guess I'll just go ahead and sell the stuff I got, although I don't know if its going to suck or not. Promatrix's Oxabol is the undeconate analogue while I got the deconate, so Im just not exactly sure how it will play out. I guess I'll just have to do a few cycles myself before I even think about giving it to anyones else.

    Thanks for everyone's concerns. It helped keep my head up a bit.

  4. yeah I always email them the structure with as many synonyms as I can find, along with a close CAS# if you can find one.

  5. I know this is my first post here and i am sorry about what happened. But after reading this it does make me appreciate the hard work some of you guys make to bring out "cutting" edge products. You obviously go through great lengths to bring these products out. Thank you once again for your honesty about such a situation. It's a great relief to know that people still give a s**t about quality.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Chemo
    You would be suprised to know how we can leverage great pressure on the China bases...get the word out about your vendor so we know who to avoid. Of course, keep it need to know and not for general memership knowledge.

    Just curious why you think that the general membership should not know this?

  7. Because the general membership shouldn't know powder sources. The same places that do Ph's do AAS powders as well. It wouldn't be a good thing.

  8. very true sifu..

  9. Well at least I put it the right way this time


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