Need some help from the pro's with 2nd cycle

  1. Need some help from the pro's with 2nd cycle

    Hey everyone. Not sure if this is how I post my questions so If I am wrong I am sure someone will let me know. I'm new here and new to aas. I would like to start by saying I am not an expert on aas. I will not argue with anyone who is a veteran aas user. I will take all of your opinions and advice with an open mind and be very thankful for your responses. I just finished my first aas cycle. I did 325mg of sus a week for 10 weeks. I didn't get amazing results but I did a lower dose because I didn't know how I would respond to it so I played it safe. Being mostly long esters I didn't want to fight the sides if they came. I had some acne nothing major and I became more aggressive. I noticed I didn't feel it "kick in" until about week 5. So in my second cycle I was going to use prop to kick start. Maybe dbol. My understanding of dbol is it's pretty good at it's job but I'm not looking for huge gains as much as a more lean body. I just hate waiting so I considered it for a boost. My Idea 2nd cycle was going to be

    week 1-4 Test prop 100mg eod
    week 1-10 Test enth 500mg/wk
    week 8-12 Winstrol Depot 50mg/eod
    HCG on hand if needed (sus gave me no atrophy)
    Basic pct. Week 13


    The same thing but Dbol rather than prop

    I know I'm young at 22. I train with an ex pro power lifter. a doctor, and a diet specialist for 3 years. 5'10 202lbs at the Dr. today. (Yes I consult my doctor about using gear) low BF. So if any of you could help me with this cycle I would be very thankful. Feel free to tell me I'm an idiot or if It's a great idea. Thanks guys.

  2. I'm certainly not a pro, but I will say that the cycle looks solid, but, I am very skeptical about taking the winstrol eod, i know it's been done, but being esterless it must have a very short half life; I would take it everyday.

    the dbol variation would work better for gaining weight, but if you're prone to bloat you might see some of that going on around week 4. Speaking of bloat, have some arimidex on hand.

  3. Good call. I have done a lot of reading and what not. I know dbol is a good kick starter but comes with some water retention. The way I looked at it was if I did use dbol i could shed the water by the end of my cycle and use the winstrol to make my gains more solid and easier to keep.

  4. dbol bloats some, but not everyone.

    prop is fine as a kickstart.

    if u want to run winny eod then i suggest 100mg eod

  5. I don't mind to pin so ed is fine. Thanks Nos and Unreal. Hope this time around works out better for me.



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