hoping to know what to expect

  1. hoping to know what to expect

    I'm a new member to this site and am trying to figure out what to expect from my first cycle as far as side effects how long till i actually start feeling anything and how much weight i'll gain approx.

    I'm 21 I have been faithfully working out 5 times a week since I was 15, I started out being obese and weighing 248lbs and about 5'9" tall and then for the first year and a half i did very little weight training and lots of cardio and eating clean and dropped to 173 and grew 2" taller. after that i layed off the cardio and started hitting the weights hard and got up to weighing about 205lbs. up until 9 months ago cuz i got married and slacked off for 3 months and gained 25 lbs. ive been back in the gym for 6 months faithfully and just started my first cycle and am 1 week into it, before i started my max on the bench was 300lbs. and ive been stumped there for a while. im good sized now just have a little gut that needs to go, im taking

    mastaplex 200
    sustaplex 325

    1cc each a week half of each once on monday and the other half thursday

    ive been eating EXTREMEly clean for 2 weeks now and doing about 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical (use to do the treadmill but to hard on my knees) ...... I'm hoping to not really gain much weight but hopefully lean up and hoping the gear will prevent me from losing any muscle but instead put on some lean muscle and burn some fat

    (also thinking about adding clen) any suggestions?

  2. leave clen out.. if you just wanted some leaning you'd have been better off with some fat burning supps like lean fx or lean extreme.. BUT since you've already started- expect some nice growth- you will almost undoubtably gain weight, some will be water weight which could make you look puffy or swollen..
    If its your first cycle and you do it for a decent amount of time i'd say around 10lbs if you do everything right.. make sure your PCT is in check if you plan on doing a long run- other than that stay healthy and good luck.

  3. thanks for the advice... i was planning on running 10 weeks and i do have my pct, you think the clen would go good with the pct?

    (im not to familiar with all the abreviations example pct, eod..... )

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