Can I get a little help?!!!

  1. Can I get a little help?!!! Pretty Please!!! Haha!

    Just looking for some recommendations. I'm currently in my third week of my first cycle (magna drol). So far so good, I feel great. Started at 198lbs and currently at 208lbs nearing week 3. Also the only sides are just very minor acne but I've had it all my life anyway. I have some extra cash on hand right now and I want to pick up something else for my second cycle for late fall/winter. I will want to add additional size and strength without holding a ton of water. I'm looking for some recommendations so I can start doing my research and grab something while I have the cash. Thanks in advance guys!

    My stats are
    28 yrs old
    10 years serious lifting

  2. "tren" products seem popular these days, probably the only oral DS im interested in trying

  3. I was actually just looking at x tren from competative edge labs but I still have a lot of research to do. Thanks appreciate the reply. Have you used and comp edge products, I'm wondering how they are??

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