Stack Question (Thanks ahead of time)

  1. Stack Question (Thanks ahead of time)

    This is my first ph cycle and I am aware that most people suggest running compounds solo at first. I am on my 13th day of Bold and I have a 2 bottles of CEL H-drol around. I have been lifting for 3 years naturally and am 5'6 205 pounds at around 12 percent body fat (decent gains naturally ... Considering this I really want to make some good gains while I am home for summer becuase I will have all day to eat/sleep/train.

    50mg starting at week 2. Running it for 4 weeks.
    Cycle Support
    2 scoops/ed

    Thanks for Input from the experienced guys.
    P.S. Would it be better to increase the bold to 1000 mg and save the H-Drol for a second cycle.

  2. bold and hdrol would be fine....hdrol needs to be ran four 6 weeks to get the best results out of it though.....if you run the AA on cycle do a log....there hasnt been a lot of this done and many would be curious as to see how it works out....

  3. Will do. I have really seen good strength gains from the AA in MaxOut. I was on this 3 weeks before I started Bold and was very impressed.

    Should Cycle Support be enough to keep my BP down on this cycle. I plan on running the H-Drol at 50 mg.

    I know both are mild but I guess I am worried about very high blood pressure with Bold and H-Drol but I don't have any preexisting condition.

    Any other ideas. I think my BP on day 13(today) was 135/75.

  4. just keep an eye on it....if you have any probs add in some more hawethorn....i usually go with 3 grams ed on the hawethorne berry....but im hypertensive normally....

  5. ur the man... I have I have Nolva for pct at 20/20/10/10.

    Last question.. Idealy is it better to have the H-drol taking with Bold at the beginning of the cycle, or 2 weeks in like I am doing. I am running the Bold for 8 weeks and H-drol for 6. I have heard that H-Drol kicks in slighly faster than Bold.

    Thanks, this is my last question.


  6. it should be fine the way your doing it...i doubt it would have made a big difference...have fun bro


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