Safe Duration for 2on/2off cycle?

  1. Safe Duration for 2on/2off cycle?

    How many 2on/2off cycles can I safely do in a row with 5-15mg M1T "on" and Nolva + 6-OXO "off"? Should I only do this for 8 weeks total? Or is it safe to go 2on/2off for 16 weeks or longer?

    Can I expect to completely recover during the 2off period, or do I need to take a much longer recovery period after a few 2on/2off cycles?

    Thanks for any advice.

  2. Search please...

  3. I would limit it to two or three cycles at the most.
    You will need an extended PCT if you're on more than six-eight weeks.

  4. I would say 3 is the most before a full PCT is needed.

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