Xtreme tren vs Epi drol

  1. Xtreme tren vs Epi drol

    So i didnt want to post another tren/ epi post but ive searched everywhere and didnt get any good answers on the other posts. im wondering what peoples experiences was with each supplement. Looking to get a comparison about both the ph's strengths and weaknesses. Have both on hand but as a first ph cycle id rather not stack so I can truly evaluate the effectiveness of the ph by itself. as a side question what pct do people suggest for either ph? ive been plannin on the TRS as well as cycle assist during and a natty test booster like diesel test (if i can get it by then)during pct. Sorry about the repititive post im just trying to get a solid answer from people with experience with both ph's. Thanks

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    ive used both. epi went very smoothly for me, no sides at all and i had an increased appetite. id give it a 5/10 for strength and size eating about 3500cals/day put on 12lbs of which 8 was probably muscle during a 4 week run. pct was easy used nolva and kept pretty much everything

    im starting week 5 of an 8 week cycle of tren extreme by acl. i got sick and one of my widsdom teeth came in and got infected so i had ****ty luck between weeks 2 and 3.5 but im up about 12 lbs with roughly the same bf. strength has been amazing despite the couple setbacks. so far i would say 8/10 for strength and 6.5 for size but the gains have been lean so that is a definite plus im looking a lot harder so keep that in mind. i havent had any bacne, my libido has dropped a little but not terrible, gyno hasnt really been a problem ive been dosing with p5p though at 150mg/day i might up that and add in vitex with some inhibit e as i get towards the end of my cycle just in case cause i do have a little pubertal gyno but its pretty small and so far hastn really been an issue. main sides are aggression, i LOSE it sometimes lol but usually the people deserve it anyway and blood pressure which was easily taken care of with some extra hawthorne berry.

    be careful with people saying tren isnt harsh on your liver though because its not methylated. ive read a lot of reviews of people with elevated liver values *and cholesterol* i was out last night for the magic game and had two drinks and actually felt buzzed, i havent had a drop of alcohol in over two months so that might have been it but i still would steer clear of alcohol completely. im taking cycle support by AI which has been pretty legit so far but be careful with the tren just because you feel 'fine' doesnt mean you are. if you looking to go with the tren i would check out primordial performance's 1 T Tren its gotten great reviews i just havent seen any bloodwork or anything with it.

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