Drug Testing - Clen & PH's?

  1. Exclamation Drug Testing - Clen & PH's?

    A short question, but one that is of importance to myself and maybe quite a few other people out there.

    I am in the final stages of interviewing for a really great job, as with most employment opportunities out there all is based contingent upon passing a "drug screening". Now while I haven't touched recreational drugs in over a decade I have dabbled as of late with PH's (1-AD, 4-AD, 1-Test) and also with Clen.

    My question is: Will my PH or Clen endeavors show up on a "basic drug screening" or are screnings for those speciffic substances limited to athletes only?


  2. From what I've been reading about drug screening for jobs, those don't test for AAS as the it's quite costly to test for them. They're mostly looking for rec. drugs. I'll see if i can dig up the link.

    edit: if you search for 'drug testing' you come up with a good deal of info. there was one graph i saw somewhere that defined the different types of drug tests and what they search for...still havin trouble finding it...

  3. Thanks Bro.

    For some reason my dumb ass did a seach for "urine test" but titled my thread "drug test" when there were all ready 20 threads on the "drug test" subject.

    Glad to know that my Clen & PH usage should fly under th radar!


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