varicocele and epi

  1. varicocele and epi

    so ive been to the doctor to get checked on a varicocele he confirmed that i have it..although i cant get the operation yet due to no health insurance..i am however gettijg health insurance from work in a bout a month so ill get it done then..ive done an epi cycle about 4 moths ago gained about 15-20 lbs and wanna run another cycle....should i wait until i get my varicocele taken care of or shouod i just run a 4 week cycle of epi now and just get my varicocle taken care of during pct??

    fyi...after epi cycle balls returrned to normal but within a few weeks i gotten a varicocele and balls have strunken alreadly atropied no luck of size difference with any herbal test boosters..but i also believe ive had a varicocele for many months but was never aware of it

    wanna get big for the summer menggggg!!


  2. c'mon can anyone help me? is this even in the right section??

  3. Is the varicocele on the right or left side? If it's on the left, it's likely due to anatomical reasons as the left testicular vein comes off the left renal vein and can get compressed by the superior mesenteric artery.
    I can't think of any reason why epi would have anything to do with the varicocele. I don't think it will have any effect on things, but pay attention for any worsening of the condition. I assume you have a significant case if it requires surgery since many people have them and it doesn't cause any problems.

  4. its on the left side both testicles are shrunken though will running another cycle worsen the varicocele? since i already have low test.. on cycle ill probably experience more shutdpwn correct?

  5. I don't see any reason why the cycle would have a big effect on the varicocele. Even if it raised your BP, that's really an arterial issue and the venous pressures should still be pretty low. If you do, just monitor the varicocele and stop if it seems to be getting worse.
    The shrinkage is another issue and of course any cycle will exacerbate shutdown.


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