1. gyno

    I am currently on a cycle of 1test(animal test) and 4ad(400mg everyday) and noticed a little puffiness in my nipples so i started with 6-oxo and i discontinued use. My question is if this is the beginning of gyno does it mean that i am predisposed and i should just stay away from AAS altogether. I was planning on running a cycle of test enan. and was wondering if that would be the best choice for someone who is predisposed. Thanks for your input.

  2. It may be gyno symptoms or it may not.

    My guess, it was not gyno. However, if you choose to use AAS, such issues can be controlled.

  3. You need something alittle stronger the 6-oxo next time to bro. Im with size, I doubt its gyno, but only you can make that call.

    Are you sure that your predisposed to gyno or is that just a guess off of this scenario?
    How long have you been on cycle?


  4. it's just my guess judging from the scenario. Next time i will have nolva for sure. This time i was just dumb, my source was taking too long and i was too
    anxious to start. That won't be the case at all when i go for real gear.

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