Cycle critique: e-stane/trenadrol

  1. Cycle critique: e-stane/trenadrol

    Going for a lean bulk/mild cut. Don't care about weight gain on the scale, just want to build lean mass while shaving a little of the body fat percentage.

    On cycle:

    E-stane: 30/30/40/40/40
    Trenadrol: 60/90/90/90/90 (Depending on how I feel at week 5 I may go 6 at 40 and 120)

    Cycle support: 1 scoop ED
    Garlic caps: 1.8 ED
    Taurine: 5g ED or as needed
    Fish oil
    Multi Vit
    Joint supports
    DHEA: if needed start at 50mg

    Gyno Prevention:
    p5p: 200mg ED
    vitex: as suggested on bottle
    bulk 1-carboxy: 800mg ED before bed

    I will have a SOLID PCT lined up as I have clomid, reversitol, lean FX, PCS, trib., and fenugreek on hand!

    Any suggestions will be considered! Also, for PH's and supports(besides CS), should I just split up the daily dosages into two doses and take them 12 hours apart. I have always done that in tha past, but have never taken this many supports!


  2. cycle looks good and well thought out. how about diet?

  3. Diet goal will be ~3200 cals and trying to hit around 350g of protein a day. My current diet is ~3500 cals and about the same protein, so basically I will be trying to clean it up. I am currently at ~12-14% and am more concerned w/ lean gains than dropping fat, but I do not want an all out bulk. If I could drop a couple percentage points while making some good solid gains I would be pleased with the cycle, and I def. know the cycle I have planned out is capable of it.

  4. Trying to figure out the dosages for the vitex. Facts from the bottle-

    1 serving:
    chasteberry extract (vitex agnus-castus)(Berry) 200mg
    chasteberry (vitex agnus-castus)(Berry) 300mg

    Does this mean their is 500mg total vitex or should I be only looking at the chasteberry and not the extract therefore 1 serving is 300mg?

  5. Hey bro, I'm taking a Tren and Epistane stack right now, it's linked in my sig. Since ours are very similar I will be watching yours closely. When are you starting it?

    As for the PHs..It's good to split those up into atleast 2 doses. I think three would be greater. That way it is constantly in your system.

  6. Ran some pretty similar last fall and gained 13 lean pounds. Strength increase was great too.

  7. AM- pm'ed you back dude!

    Stud- how much of the 13lbs gained did you keep after PCT?


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