cycle help

  1. cycle help

    Well im looking to start a m1t cycle. Ive done 2 1-ad cycles in the past, the last being 700mg 1-ad and 1g 4-ad. Im going to go for 15mg m1t and 1g of 4-ad. Ive heard good things about the 2 week on, 2 week off, 2 week on cycle, but dont you have to do post cycle in between? How does that cycle compete, to say, a simple 4 week cycle? Also, what would be your suggestions about brands? I guess im going to go with a trans 4-ad, but ive never had to buy one before


  2. im in almost the same situation, im probably stocking up on the designer supps m1t solution, was thinking about stacking something with it, probably 4ad if i do(i dont want a transdermal though) so should i just get pills or go methylated with that too (although that sounds a little shaky) is there any reason that i definitely should or should not go with 4ad, besides the lethargy and appetite?
    so whats the pct inbetween (nolva on hand already) what day start/end

  3. You should start with 10mg of M1t with a 4ad transdermal & see how you respond. Any brand of m1t is fine, BDC's T-3 is an excellent 4ad trans. Go to Power Nutrition for all you need. There's no need to start with a high dosage of m1t, most guys have incredible gains on 10mg. The side effects are real harsh on m1t. If the sides are tolerable & you are not gaining well after a week or 2, then up the dose.

    I would approach the cycle as a 2on/2off/2on. After 2 weeks- If you are still gaining & have no problems with the sides, then evaluate whether you'd rather just run 4 weeks straight.

    Get nolva or clomid for post cycle. If you do take 2 weeks off in the middle, use PCT meds during that time.

  4. for pc, is the nolva the entire two weeks at 20-40 ed, and does it start the day after last dose, or do you have to wait like with regular test?

    by the way, thanks for the helpful reply

  5. M1t has a very short half-life, you should start Nolva the day after your last dose at 40mg for a week, then drop to 20mg for the 2nd week. Repeat this again at the end of the cycle for 3-4 more weeks, 40mg wk1, 20mg wk 2-3, 10-20mg wk4.

  6. what would the dosage be for clomid, thats what im using for post cycle...

  7. There is a Sticky on Clomid/Nolva dosing. Go to Stickies at the top of the forum. All info you need is there.


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