1. PCT's?

    Okay, been reading a long time on the topic and finally planning my first cycle. I'm gonna keep it real simple:

    500 mg test en or cyp/week 1-8
    300 mg EQ/week 1-8

    That's simple enough.....now for the real question. The opinions on pct's seems to differ depending on who I talk to. Some say use only nolva 20mg /day starting two weeks after last shot. Some say clomid and only have nolva in case of gyno. What's everybody's opinion here? Guess I'm looking for most popular responses. Right now I'm thinking just use nolva alone. We'll see. Thanks guys.

  2. Nolva is better than clomid IMO. It helps restart the HPTA and acts like an anti-e which guards against catabolism in PCT. It is also cheaper then clomid. I would recommend this:

    Week 1-8 500mg/week test + 300mg/week EQ
    Week 11-12 40mg/ED Nolva
    Week 13-14 20mg/ED Nolva
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  3. I tend to aggree. It's funny how the opinions differ. Any need for HCG at all in your opinion?

  4. I like Nolva better.. something about Clomid just drives me crazy.. moody type crazy.. something I am usually not.. on an 8 weeker most people do not use HCG

  5. Well that solidifies it for me. I'm going with Nolva....feel better now that I asked and actually got some experienced opinions. Thanks again guys.

  6. Since I have some attention though....would it be better to add something like dbol or test prop at the beginning to boost the start. Keeping in mind this will be my first run using test so I'm not sure how I'm gonna react.

    I don't predict any major sides. I've done 4-AD and 1,4 AD at 600mg per day and 150 per day respectively without any problems. I know....not the same but it was a start.

  7. If it is your first time.. I would do the dbol.. unless you don't mind the eod or ed sticks.. it does get old kinda quick.. trust me

  8. For a first cycle I would go with dbol to get things started. And for PCT use Nolva. Best of luck bro

  9. Thanks guys. I'll probably toss a little dbol in there. A light dose like 20mg ed should do the trick.

  10. Post Cycle:

    A combo of HCG, nolva, and clomid is BEST.
    If you choose not to use HCG, then nolvadex with clomid is best.
    If you choose just one, choose nolvadex

  11. at your doses nolva is fine ...but run letrozole while on cycle to keep the estrogen side in check ........

  12. I'm looking at doing a similar cycle of week 1-10 test enth 500mg and week 1-10 deca @ 400mgs.
    Can M1T be used instead of dbol to frontload?
    I would do M1T @ 10mgs ed for 4 weeks.

  13. better to use dbol ..but the m-1 t will work

  14. Thanks for all the help guys. I'm used to being the guy on the boards who posts advice on training and nutrition. But with gear I'm the newbie. It's a little different when you become the guy looking for help. Thanks again.


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