Hows this look for HAVOC cycle ?

  1. Hows this look for HAVOC cycle ?

    Pre CYCLE: "2 weeks"

    1: cycle support powder 1 scoop daily
    2:milk thistle 2 tabs ed
    3: hawthorne extract "for blood pressure" 1-2 tab Ed

    CYCLE: "4 weeks"

    1: HAVOC dosed 20/30/30/40
    2: cycle support powder 1-2 scoops ed all through cycle
    3: cissus
    4:extra milk thistle
    5: hawthorne extract

    PCT: 4 weeks

    1: Nolvadex 20/20/10/10
    2: AI Post cycle support 3 tabs ed
    3: liver supports
    4: (optional) cycle support powder? is this neccesary?

    LET me know what you think

  2. looks good almost identical to my upcoming epi cycle. Just wondering why you are doing additional milk thistle and hawthorne? If you are running 2 scoops of cycle support on cycle that should be enough, and many people run the remainder of the cycle support into pct, but not the entire pct. I would say definately use whatever is left over for as long as it lasts into pct. Oh and why only 3 tabs of PCS? Dose is 4 and will last 30 days. Do you not have a full bottle?
    Looks good though man

  3. over kill for a simple epi cycle

  4. I just feel adding extra support for BP and liver is important i dont consider any extra HELP to be overkill but if not needed ill drop the extra milk thisle and or hawthorne even though the amounts in cycle support POWDER dont seem to be sufficient!

  5. Start at 30

  6. Start at 30 even if it's your first cycle? Don't know if it's the OP's first but it will be mine and I planned on starting at 20

  7. i am doing nearly the same thing!
    i did add extra hawthorne pre-cycle, and extra milk thistle with Cycle Support on cycle. I have Clomid for PCT, but my other meds are same as yours. overkill or not, my BP was 115/64 today

  8. I haven't seen many gain at 20... 30-50 is the swwet spot... Go 30/30/30/30 might not have to even go 40 if it's first.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by gregchicken View Post
    over kill for a simple epi cycle
    if youre referring to his pct, its in no way overkill... hes being smart by incorporating a SERM, and hes got a simply natty test booster (PCS). the whole thing looks pretty good, although i would definitely have to agree with your first weeks dosage. im not sure if this is your first PH cycle ever, but if it is i would agree with the others in saying that 30 would be the way to go for your first week (simply start with 10 the first day, 20 the second day, and then 30 for the remainder of the week) i think everyone will agree that 40 tends to be everyones "sweetspot" for Havoc/Epi so maybe make your cycle 30/30/40/40 or even 30/40/40/40 (both having a ramped up dosage the first 3 days as described) other than that everything looks good, good luck man!!

  10. AIGHT well i heard that gyno occurs in higher doses i mean i know witht he Nolvadex you can taper it through the cycle taking 10MG e.d untill gyno is gone but still a very gross thisng to get in my opinion and YES this is my first PH cycle hah but ill deff UP the doseage

    30/30/30/40 sounds uber

    i weigh 190 now 5% BF 5'9'' at 19 years old "natural" so im very excited to see what the hell my body will look like afterwards i hope for a 10lbs gain in madd my GOAL is 200 Lbs at the end of this

  11. The way that you have everything looks perfectly fine to be especially since its your first cycle. 20/30/30/30(40 Optional) will be fine more is not always better and most of the time will yield the same results. Your suppose to increase dosage as results fade but, people see people increasing their doses fast and get the wrong idea. I have seen many people have fantastic results with 20/20/20/20 as I sell these Ph's to people on a daily basis. Just my 2 cents though

  12. for the purpose of saving yourself some embarrasment and considerable bashing from other members, i recommend that you refrain from revealing information about your age when discussing your usage of PH's and such given the fact that you are only 19...

  13. i hear ya man! i get bashed often for it but i know 14-19 year olds that do PH all year round wih a good PCT,diet, etc....and they are fine i guess it depends on your body but i think i will be fine, if i notice any spikes in BP or cholesterol or anything abnormal then im stopping right away and starting pct

  14. run 40/40/50/50 , i took havoc and did 30/30/30/40 and at 40 it was the hot spot. it's really mild. you can even run like 40/40/40/50/50 or straight 50. but i wouldnt go past 50. but that's my opinion


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