S1+ Question

  1. S1+ Question

    I am just about to end 2 weeks of this stuff and i have seen great results. 12 lbs in 2 weeks and pretty good strength gains. I havent really seen any side effects and i want to keep it that way. Im happy with my results and really dont want to push it. Im thinking about ending this at 2 weeks. Should i still follow the normal nolva pct. (amount and length of time)? Any other suggestions would be more than welcome. Thanx a lot.

  2. It wont hurt to take the nolva dosages as if it were a normal 4 week cycle.

  3. You should always do some form of PCT after a cycle. Unless you want to loose the gains you are currently enjoying, and want to waste the money you spent on the products used. For the short cycle you just ran, you can do a 2 week PCT with Nolva. 1st week at 2ml, 2nd week at 1ml. That should get you through just fine.

    Best of luck with your cycle.

  4. Great results. Congratulations! Remember to continue eating to support your new mass. This is another way to minimize the possibility of losses post cycle.

  5. Thanks guys for the replies. I was happy with what it did for me in 2 weeks so I figure why push the envelope and get greedy.



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