Minimizing muscle loss from Clen/T3 cycle without an anabolic

  1. Minimizing muscle loss from Clen/T3 cycle without an anabolic

    Hi all,
    Sorry if this question has been answered before but I looked up and couldn't find an answer.
    I'm thinking of running a Clen/T3 cycle soon, I'm still researching about this and still haven't made up my mind. Form what I have read so far, T3 can cause a lot of muscle loss and its recommended to be taken with an anabolic. Are there any other ways to minimize the muscle loss while running this cycle ? Will taking high amount of proteins and l-glutamine and creating be effective ?

    I have never taken Clen or T3 or any anabolic before. I will start a 2-week cycle of Clen alone next monday and see how my body responds, I will only throw T3 in my next 2-week cycle if I'm not satisfied with Clen by itself.

  2. lots of protein, use creatine and amino acids. the clen will also keep some of the catabolic effects off as well. also what could help is a natural test booster.

  3. make sure you do a very slow taper up and taper down with t3 if you decide to increase the dose. It can be a dangerous drug if not used correctly. As for holding on to muscle High protein diet, dont cut your calories to low, let cardio take off the fat not diet. That is where alot of people fail going to low on calories and doing to much cardio.

  4. If you dont take in really high mcgs, then the T3 wont eat too much away...Also, clen is decent for its ANTIcatabolic properties...if you're smart with your nutrition you likely wont have any real issues.


  5. Thanks a lot guys.
    I have already started on clen and I'm waiting for my T3 to arrive. I will throw 25mcg of T3 in my stack once I figure out my ideal dose of Clen, will also add benadryl in my 3rd week.
    I have done some further research and found out that some people use DCP with their T3/Clen cycle. Did you guys hear of it ? From what I've read its a non-steriodal anabolic. Do you think it will be helpful?
    My last two questions, what's the best time to take T3 ? I'm taking my clen first thing in the morning and should I expect strength loss from this cycle ?

    Thanks again



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