H-Drol cycle HELP!

  1. Question H-Drol cycle HELP!

    I Would really like to start an H-drol cycle.

    This would be my first cycle ever.

    Just would like to know what pct to use and what cycle suport to use.

  2. Searches would have found the answers for you..
    Hdrol is mild so OTC can be done- probably more expensive than nolva tho..
    Support supps are practically the same for all oral compounds- liver detox's, EFAs, and Blood pressure control.. Again Hdrol is mild and might not require all, but since it's your first time you should have each on hand to handle sides as they come..

  3. Grab some Cycle Assist for the duration of the cycle and PCT.. PCT should ideally consist of Nolva, Clomid, or Sustain Alpha if you have to go OTC.

    anyway, hopefully you know substantially more about lifting and diet than you do about steroids.. otherwise you're going to piss me off, and fuuck yourself over.

  4. Ha

  5. You are not helping yourself at all by coming on here and asking "what should I use?"

    There is a TON of information here and on other sites. You're going to get a lot more information by doing your own research. People don't want to answer the same question a million times and, in general, the most knowledgeable people won't be bothered to answer such basic questions.

    Do your research and do lots of it. Then come back and ask questions about specific areas that you're unclear or unsure about. Then you'll get more help and you'll understand things much better so you aren't blindly following what some dude on the interwebs told you to do.


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