1. Azolin

    I was reading through an issue of MD and there was an article by Kneller about 3 new "gray area" supplements. Methyl 1-test, Azolin, and blasteron procaps were the ones he montioned. I looked around and couldnt get any info on these with the exception of course with 1-test. Azolin sounds pretty good, described as very siimilar to winny but without the sides. But apparently its pretty expensive and hard to come by. Thought maybe DS or anyone else might have some info or insight. thanks

  2. I think I know what you are talking about, I have never heard the term Azolin but if it is Androisoxazole (17beta-Hydroxy-17alpha-methylandrostano[3,2-c]isoxazole) then I do know of it. Actually it was the first PH I was going to bring out (a mild anabolic) and I like it a lot, but the price of it is quite expensive and my chem house wasnt definitely sure on how to make it. Since I have a list of about 10-15 other ones I am working on, I put that one on the back burner. I have been told it was easy to make by a different chem house and when I tested the sample it was just winny.

    Bolasterone, is a pretty strong compound and currently I dont think it is tested for but there is a contamination issue with another compound that I cant think of at the moment. so you wont know you have what you want till you get it tested as well. Since I dont have $6-10k to waste on compounds that can have contamination problems, and I went through enough of that with the Methyl-1,4ADD I will stick to some that I know I can do and not have to worry. Dont worry theer are still plenty to do. lol

  3. In the article, it says that Azolin is a derivative of Androisoxazole that you mentioned. sounds like a great drug but damn, $50 for 100 mg is ridiculous, esp. when you are shooting 100 mg every other day. Thanks both for your response and your bringing us these nice compunds.

  4. No problem, I havent given up on it just a few other things I want to do before it.
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