1st ph\ds cycle h-drol

  1. 1st ph\ds cycle h-drol

    Hey long time reader first time posting so I'm hoping for a little advice, a little about me I'm 29 been lifting for 4 years I'm 5'6 190 lbs going for a bulk cycle (ya I know its summer) so my plan is noob but pick it apart please.
    H-drol 50\50\75\75\100
    Cycle assist starting 2 weeks prior
    Diet currently running 200 grams protein, upping to 250-275 a day carbs I run about 150 a day this ill bump up to 200
    Pct. I have post cycle assist
    Novaldex-xt, glutamine creatine mono, hoping to be able to find some tamoxifen before starting incase I need it
    I'm not sure what to use as a cortisol blocker
    I train fairly hard 4-5 days a week depending on my schedual cardio is post work out every session but only 15-30 mins HIIT
    Do I have enough covered in my PCT and dosing of H-drol. I have researched a lot but you get a lot of conflicting info. Not sure how I will respond so not sure if 100 week will be too much but we will see.

  2. I should also mention that I do take Bcaa,s and multi vitamins forgot to add the basics into my original post

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