My first cycle was:

week 1-4 M-Drol
week 1-10 500 Test Cyp

My strength and size gains stopped as soon as the M-Drol wore off. In that 4 weeks I gained 15lbs and increased my squat and deadlift by about 50lbs. I am guessing my diet wasn't on point, especially since I didn't want to gain too much fat before the summer (Vegas pool). (Dumb I know)

So for my next (clean bulking) cycle in August I am thinking about Test E stacked with something like EQ, both front-loaded (first time trying this out) .

week 1-2 1000 Test E
800 EQ
week 3-12 500 Test E
400 EQ

But I know people say EQ should be ran for 15+ weeks, but that's too much cash flow. And I dont want to pin more than twice a week, so Prop is out.

Any other ideas, recommendations?