What are signs of liver/prostate/kidney/BP problems?

  1. What are signs of liver/prostate/kidney/BP problems?

    With all the people experimenting with M1T cycles, and all the emphasis this forum is placing on "protectant" supplements, I haven't seen a comprehensive thread about how exactly you know if you are experiencing any of the problems M1T can cause?

    Lower back pain/cramping is the only side that seems obvious, but how do I know if I could be having problems with things like liver, blood pressure, kidneys, prostate, etc?

    What warning signs should someone look for that they might be having serious problems? Your answer might just help save a bunch of people from doing major damage to themselves.

  2. In short as I am no expert:

    Liver-Lower back pain
    Blood Pressure-Unusual change to resting pulse, light headed, headaches.
    Kidneys-Not pissing enough and pee is dark in colour
    Prostate-Difficulty or pain when having a piss.

  3. Liver would be a swelling or distention of the abdomen or even better liver enzymes would come back abnormal.
    BP-light headiness more like feeling like you are underwater, headaches, sensitivity to light, to name a few
    Kidneys-back-pain and change in urine color
    Prostate-difficulty in urination and the urge to go a lot

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