Epi-tren cykle ??

  1. Epi-tren cykle ??

    I need little help guys.
    I have Epi-Tren from Bosc.


    30mg epi - 90mg Tren (3caps/ed) every day for 4v.


    I have nolva 20mg per tab.

    is this pct ok...

    20/20/20/20 (nolva)
    /4/4/4/4 (PCT assist by cel from v3)

    Or is it better to begin with 40/40/20/20 with nolvadex ??

  2. 20/20/20/20 should be sufficient

  3. Quote Originally Posted by mooch2321 View Post
    20/20/20/20 should be sufficient
    thanx man

  4. you could go 40/20/20/10

    pill chopper at your local pharmacy

    if not 20's should be fine
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

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