back pumps how much taurine?

  1. back pumps how much taurine?

    OK so i am on 40 mgs of havoc ED right now for 4 weeks plus 120mgs of tren (x-mass) ED, and ive recently started getting really bad back pain. wondering how much taurine to dose to help with the pumps.

  2. 5gs and lots of water

  3. 3-6 grams a day. I just take 3, and if it is really bad, I take 3 pre-workout and 3 pwo. Its amazing, I'm really prone to backpumps, and I'm on 40mgs of epi and Liqidrone(tren), and I'm not having much trouble with them.

  4. 1-2g in the morning plus 4-5g pre-workout works quite well for me.

  5. 5 grams throw in some potassium too. have heard quinine works, but gawd that ****e taste awefull



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