Orite guys, this is my first time posting on a site like this, i read through all the sections and have got some decent information from you lot, but i wanted to just run my ideas past everyone and see what the consensus is:

I am planning to run Epithin-E for 4 weeks and then a standard PCT, this will be my first proper cycle, i have taken 3-AD a number of times before and got great results but looking for abit more umph this time, am i correct in believing Epithin-E is an Epistane clone?

2 week prior: Milk Thistel
Week 1: 20mg Epithin-E
Week 2: 30mg Epithin-E
Week 3: 30mg Epithin-E
Week 4: 40mg Epithin-E
Week 5: Nolva @ 30mg + AI (to be decided upon, suggestions?)
Week 6: Nolva @ 20mg + AI
Week 7: Nolva @ 20mg + AI

I am also planning on running the following throughout:
Red Yeast Rice
Hawthorne Berry
Saw Palmetto?? opinions on this?
Milk Thistle

What is the general opinion on my plans and what do you all think?