Anyone have pics from synthol?

  1. Anyone have pics from synthol?

    Hey I just wanted to see if anyone had any pics that showed responsible use of synthol. Not giant massive arms that look bloated and fat, ya know.

  2. The catch 22 is that if its used "responsibly" (which Im not even sure is appropriate), then you shouldnt even be able to notice....


  3. I should add that Im an NPC judge, and I have noticed that more people are using it....its a little more noticeable when you sit at a judges table and are being very critical of someones physique.


  4. Listen to Holy on this one...

  5. bodybuilder20...just out of curiosity...what are your keep asking these synthol questions....are you at a point where this is a viable option...i mean basically are you huge and need a little extra peak on the bi or are you just trying to get muscles without work?.....

  6. Obiously I'm not huge but I've just getting off a test-c cycle and I wasn't seeing the growth I wanted so I was looking at my options. I just have trouble getting good bicep growth. My tri-s are great, and grow nicely, but the bis are lackin, even with spot training etc.

  7. from the look of your previous posts it seems that you started your first cycle in treading softly here man but i just think that proper training is your solution here....i will tell you this....i dont have any personal experience in using synthol myself...but as stated you can usually spot an oil filled muscle....i wouldnt consider synthol something a beginner(no offense, i consider myself a beginner too) should use to bring up lagging bodyparts....

  8. the man asked for pictures...

  9. Quote Originally Posted by gregchicken View Post
    the man asked for pictures...
    yeah...hes probably not gonna get a lot of synthol pics from this board....why dont you two go over to professional sure you will get what your looking for over there....

  10. Thanks man, I know, I am a beginner like. I just am seeing some decent results form gear and I want more, kind of childish I know. Thanks for the advice though.

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    Rough. Scary. Nauseating.
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  12. i think synthol is awful, why would anyone do that. do you rekon greg valention was using it, he must have been. i have ran 3 test,deca, dbol cycles and i love them, but no way id do this crap.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by gregchicken View Post
    the man asked for pictures...
    What's your point?

    To the OP: I would steer clear of anything related to site-enhancement, via Synthol. There's too many training routines that are effective for you to have gone through all of them by now to know nothing works.
    I wish you the best in your search, though, man.

    Quote Originally Posted by strategicmove View Post
    Rough. Scary. Nauseating.
    Indeed. It's just not the way to go, in my opinion.


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