Test E/D-bol support supps?

  1. Test E/D-bol support supps?

    What support supps should I use for Test e and D bol. Cycle looks like this
    500mg/week mon+thursday pinn
    d-bol at 30mg/day



    What support do I need while on cycle? I will have hawthorne berry and Liv52. What else?
    I dont have any armidex and I cant get any. So what supp could I use not to get bloated? I will be drinking 1-2 gals a day of water. Thank you!

  2. about some ldex on cycle? or nolva ed or eod?
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by GeekPoop View Post
    about some ldex on cycle? or nolva ed or eod?
    yeah i was thinking of nolva eod. how many grams?

  4. and would nolva on cycle make me gain less?

  5. i was always told nolva can effect your IGF while on cycle and to never use it unless you have a flare up of gyno

  6. I dont have a scientific answer about the Nolva EOD or ED but ifyou're concerned use Ldex.

    I dont know off hand about nolva, i bought Ldex for my upcomming cycle and itll be .5 on the Ldex
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