What could it be?

  1. What could it be?

    Just a little history since I don't think I've given any since posting on here.

    2 years ago I was 195lbs. I had just gotten married and I was looking at my wedding photos and man was my face fat. I decided right then I'm changing the way I look. I didnt know anything but I joined some forums and started talking with people and I lost 30lbs in 3 months. I looked great. But.. I really hadnt touched a weight! I still had the same body comp I was just smaller. I was 165lbs at 5'10-5'11 and still had a gut!

    I got really sick and wasnt able to do anything for weeks. I got out of it and quit working out. Back this past sept I was 198lbs. I joined the gym, started focusing more on weight lifting and breif cardio after lifting. I lost 20lbs. And my body comp is better then when I weight alot less.

    I've been 179.5 the past coulpe months. I did a cycle of T1-Pro and I noticed great body comp changed even though I didnt drop or gain any weight.. how is that?

    I started M1T a week ago now. My diet has been bad in I've only been getting like 1500-2000 cals in a day, mostly around 1500. Not by choice most days. Yet I've gained 4lbs. So it can't be fromt fat considering how low the cals are and that even in that low cals it was high protien moderate carbs low fat. Yet could that have been enough to put on 4lbs of LMB? I figured if so I'd see more drastic body comp changes then when I was on T1-Pro and gained or lost nothing.

    Any insight?

  2. If you noticed a body comp change on T1 Pro I'm sure your bf% dropped a significant amount. Also I have seen quite a few people gain weight on M1T with a very low caloric intake.

  3. The power of androgens. The weight gain usually subsides and you start to lose again. I've had several cutting cycle where I've gained weight at the start due to androgens.
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  4. It happened to me check this out 5 post down....

    M-1 T

  5. I'll have to start keeping tabs on my bf% then. I'm just not seeing as much of a difference on M1T as I thought I would. My gym only has the electonic one that you hold out in front of you and I don't know how accurate those are?

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    for like 10 or 15 bucks you can get the accufitness bf calipers. I got some and they are easy to use and are as accurate as you can get next to under water weighing and DEXA.


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