epidrol and x-tren stack pct question

  1. epidrol and x-tren stack pct question

    hello board this is my first posting here and would like to say im impressed with the community and wealth of information.im 30 yrs old and have been training for about 10 years now.i way in at around 250 and would consider myself intermiediate as far as developement.as far as running anything its been about 7 yrs and that was good ol winni inject-.. so this would be my first ph-pro steroid run.

    im doing a 6 week run spread out

    epi- 20/30/30/30/40/40 -ed
    xtren --/90/90/90/90/-- -ed

    so far i have pct assist(trans resveratrol) as part of my pct

    im trying to use otc products for pct and would like to know if i can get by with out nolva-etc and would like to know of anything to add to the pct and ideas for dosing and lengths.any help would be greatly appreiciated and used.

    thanks and best reguards from florida


  2. Running Epistane for that long needs some kind of cycle support. And the fact that it's being run so long will definitely yield a harsher shutdown, especially with tren being added in there. Tren is notorious for some pretty bad shutdowns. I would use a SERM if you can get your hands on one.

  3. I've heard nolva is no good for tren; clomid or maybe torem would be best...from what I've seen in researching is that tren shuts you down hard...keep us posted.

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