M1T,M5AA and lethargy

  1. M1T,M5AA and lethargy

    Has anyone here taken M1T alone, then did a M1T cycle with M5AA? If so did you notice that you had less side effects with the M5AA added in?, especially the lethargy? I have alot of M1T and want to stack something with it to help the side effects, I tried the oral 4AD 1200mgs ED, but it didn't seem to help and I don't want to do a transdermal for a few reasons. I am thinking of buying M5AA or M4AD. M4AD is a little scary because of the gyno and water gain issues and I would rather not have to take Nolva during the cycle. M5AA seems to be more of a stimulant(focus) before your workout(from what I've read), what else have you seen it do. I love M1T, but the lethargy kicks my ass. Sorry for the long thread.

  2. It is simple then for your answer. M5AA from Designer supps

  3. Quote Originally Posted by sifu
    It is simple then for your answer. M5AA from Designer supps

    But I was still asking if M5AA helped with the side effects and if it doesn't do much for size gains, just focus, I can take energy pills for that. I am leaning towards ordering it from Designer supps though.

  4. Yes it will help with the lethargy ans such. Not to mention that you won't need to take as much M1T when you combine the two.

    Strength? That is what M5AA was designed for man.

  5. In your opinion, would you wait for M1,4 or do the M5AA with M1T? BTW thanks for you reply.

  6. Do you have alot of hair to lose? I'm sure you know what m5aa converts to.

  7. Well I am on M1,4ADD. As for personal preference. Let me say this. I am on day five and loving it. The price will be reasonable. And so far no sides. I know I will get bloat sooner or later, however if it continues at this rate, I will always do M1,4ADD over M1T.

    But it is all personal preference my man.

    If I was going for totally lean gains I would use M1T and M5AA

    If I was going for big gains and strength I would use M1,4ADD and M5AA

  8. I shave my head, so I don't care about hairlosss(which I don't think I'm prone to) If M5AA will decrease the sides and help with lean mass gains I'm going to order a few bottles and do 10mg M1T with 20mg M5AA. Thanks again.

    BTW, when I have it shipped, if it gets frozen in transit(I live in MN) will it still be good?

  9. Ya just give it a hot water bath.

  10. Thanks alot Sifu. Does M5AA help with sex drive?

  11. No problem, if it gets there frozen, PM me and I will give you more specific instructions.

  12. Sex drive? HMMMMM that's a good question. I am not sure. Hit sledge up with that question.

  13. Thanks again Sifu, I'll PM Sledge. I'm going to order the bottles right now.

  14. Cool I think the M5AA is 25 a bottle. I know his M1,4ADD won't be available for the public until the beginning of Febuary.

  15. I was and still am kind've thinking of this exact stack because I have both on hand right now (M1T/M5AA). But Chemo and others have really been concerned with running two methyls at once. At this point I don't know what to think about it. They say that the toxicity would be very taxing on the liver.
    So if you do choose this stack just be aware and take some kind of liver support.

    Good Luck!

  16. it should boost sex drive, M5AA isnt just for focus, that just happens to be one of its great benefits. if you are lowering the dose of M1T when using M5AA i dont think it will be any rougher toxic wise then using a higher amount of M1T.

  17. i started my [email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected] its been 6 days very little,could the m5aa be inhibiting the 4ad from kickin in? btw i weigh 220.

  18. Sledge, you are the man. I was doing 10mg ED M1T, then upped it to 20mg ED but didn't see much increase in gains, so went back down to 10mg ED. Do you think the 10mg M1T with 20mg M5AA is enough for a person my size?(5'11" 245 lbs. 8-9% BF), and do you think four weeks on this cycle would be O.K.?

  19. water logged the 4 ad is a cyp ester so without a front load in dose you will need about 10-12 days to get a full effect form the cyp, which is why you probably arent feeling anything yet. The M5AA should not have any problems with the 4ad as 5 aa cyp dosent.

    Muscles4life i think that is agood dose to be at, but 4 weeks of M1T might be tomuch, so if you were going to go 4 weeks you may want to use 5mg M1T with 20mg M5AA, or only use the M5AA on workout days.


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